8 Hot Texts To Send Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend After Sex That'll Keep You On Their Mind

After a mind-blowing sex sesh with bae, it's never a bad idea to drop them a line and tell them how much you appreciate them. Seriously, positive reinforcement when it comes to physical intimacy can go a long way, people. That's why having some texts to send your boyfriend or girlfriend after sex in your back pocket can help keep the sensual sparks flying. Plus, there's nothing quite like the excitement of glancing down at your phone during a lunch break and finding a steamy reminder of the night before.

Sending your partner sexy texts is not only fun, but it can also be a great way to build anticipation for the next time you're together. "Building anticipation is key to heightened pleasure, and research suggests that dopamine levels (a chemical associated with pleasure and reward) are actually higher while awaiting the reward than upon receipt of the reward itself," Dr. Jess O’Reilly, host of the @SexWithDrJess Podcast, previously told Elite Daily. Essentially, sending hot messages to your partner after sex can serve a dual purpose: It lets them know how much you enjoyed the last sexual experience you had together, and it can get them primed and excited for the next time you're between the sheets. Here are some examples of texts to send bae that will definitely make them feel all kinds of naughty.

1. "Last night was amazing, I'm already looking forward to round two."


If you like to keep things simple, this is a solid way to let your partner know they pleased you and that you're excited to see them again. Not everyone is comfortable sending overtly risqué messages, and that's totally OK. Don't feel like you have to have to create a sexual persona that's not a reflection of who you are.

2. "For some reason, I can't stop thinking about how you [fill in the blank]. Wish we could just stay in bed forever."


If your partner did something specific that you really enjoyed and you want to make sure they do it again, this is the perfect way to let them know! Throw in a juicy emoji cluster and you're good to go.

3. "Wow, staying focused today has been impossible. I keep thinking about everything we did last night."


For those moments when you just can't get them out of your head, letting your SO in on the secret will definitely make them feel good.

4. "I'm going to need you to come back over ASAP. Last night really blew my mind and I can't wait to go at it again."


Knowing your partner can't get enough of you is legit one of the best things ever. So, if you wish your shift was over so you can go and climb bae like a glorious tree again, do yourselves both a favor and tell them.

5. "Help! I'm still on fire, please bring your hose."


Spoiler alert: It is totally possible to be sexy and funny at the same time, folks. If you and your SO love to make each other laugh, a flirty follow-up text with a naughty twist will surely get the job done.

6. "After how sweaty things got earlier, I think we both got our cardio in for the day."


Having sex is basically a workout, right? I honestly can't think of a better way to break a sweat than having a sexy romp with bae. Plus, keeping their mind on how hot things got last time you were together will definitely make them want to pounce on you again, stat.

7. "I was thinking about the perfect afternoon snack, and after last night, you were the first thing to come to mind."


If you love your bedroom snack more than your midday snack, that's information that must be shared. If there was ever a time to be bold, after a satisfying romp is definitely that time.

8. "Who knew that being productive post-orgasm was pretty much impossible? I just can't stop thinking about [fill in the blank]."


Learning exactly what gets someone off can take quite a bit of trial and error. Once bae knows exactly how to push your buttons, stroking their ego is a nice way to show them you appreciate their efforts to keep you sexually satisfied.

It's so important to remember that intimacy isn't just about what happens between two people when they're in the same room. Texting can also be a really valuable tool to help couples make the most of the time they spend apart. This is especially true after a memorable evening in the sack, so don't be afraid to communicate to your partner just how amazing they made you feel. Chances are, there's plenty more where that came from.