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8 Things To Do On Halloween If You & Your Boo Are Spending The Night In

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A few years ago, I attempted to go out on Halloween, and missed the v cool party I was dying to go to. Most of the roads in Los Angeles were shut down for a parade, and I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic of Uber after Lyft after designated driver. Then, when I finally got to my destination, my ride cost $300 (#surgepricing). Which led me to thinking: What are some Halloween date ideas where you can just stay at home and chill, but still have a Sp0okY time? Because it was that night that I vowed to literally never, ever, ever leave my home again. At least, not on Oct. 31.

I've been an indoor kid every Halloween since, and let me tell you: It's the right decision to make. You don't have to deal with commuting on a holiday, which, no matter what, is absolutely the worst. There are no parties where you'll run into your ex, or not be kissed by your crush, or be the only one in a costume when everyone else felt too hip to take Halloween seriously. (This happened to me one year when I showed up to a party in full face makeup, and was the only one dressed up.)

So here are some Halloween date ideas if you and your boo are spending the night in. Because you know Uber is gonna have major surge pricing, and going out is overrated anyway.

Scary Movie Marathon


This is my idea of the perfect night, whether it's Halloween or not. Grab your favorite drinks and snacks (you can even make some spooky themed ones), set up a pillow fort, turn off all the lights, and stay up all night cuddling with your crush, watching scary movie after scary movie. My favorite type of horror? Anything found footage (like Paranormal Activity). Or if you're looking for something a little light and silly, why not watch all the Scream films?

Set Up Your Own Haunted House

Set up a haunted house through your apartment, and have the final destination lead to your bedroom. Maybe call it something punny, like "The Boneyard"? Because you know, it's scary, but also a sex thing? Have your crush navigate the scary maze, and if they can get through it alive, reward them for their bravery with some Halloween role play.

Play With A Ouija Board

OK so, my grandmother always told me not to play with Ouija boards because it will bring in demons from an alternate dimension, and they will attach to your body and haunt your soul forever. But, should none of that concern you and you think my grandma, God rest her soul, is full of BS, then why not whip out a Ouija board for you and your crush this Oct. 31?

You can even ask the board if you're meant to be, and see what it says. But just remember what I told you. If you end up needing an exorcism, I warned you!

Carve Pumpkins


Carving pumpkins is a Halloween must, and is super fun, but also very messy. So only do this if you're OK with some cleanup afterwards, which, for me, is always a bummer (I hate chores). But you can always decide to paint pumpkins as well, or get one pumpkin and carve it together. How romantic!

Decorate Halloween Cookies

As the saying goes, the key to a person's heart is through their stomach — so decorating some sweet treats with your crush could be the perfect way to have an extra sweet night. You can read some amazing Halloween recipes here.

Give Candy To Trick-Or-Treaters

Giving candy to trick or treaters is a fun and wholesome Halloween date activity. Kids are cute. Looking at kids with your crush is cute. Because it's like, "Hmm, I wonder if we'll have kids one day? That would be interesting!" It's like subliminal messaging.

Additionally, you get to see how your significant other acts around children. If they recoil in disgust while you're like the heart-eye emoji, at least now you know.

Have A Costume Contest

Grab a bunch of random clothing from your closet, and have your crush do the same. Then, drop it in a pile on your living room floor. Then you can both have a DIY costume contest! Kind of like the show Chopped on the Food Network, try to make your own costume out of unrelated pieces of clothing. Whoever has the best costume each round wins.

Make Prank Calls

I remember when I was little that prank calls were fun, so why not get nostalgic and make a few on Halloween? Maybe do them to your friends instead of strangers, though.

I remember the first time my parents ever let me stay home alone, my brothers (who already had moved away) spent the entire night prank calling me and trying to scare me. I was indeed terrified. Like, peed my pants and made my parents come home early from dinner scared. So if you and your crush want to be up to no good, this might be the activity for you.

I think that all these ideas sound way better than actually going out, am I right? So, if you want to avoid Halloween parties this year, don't feel like sitting in traffic, or just want to spend a night in with your crush, then give these activities a shot. You and your boo will love it.

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