9 Best Horror Movies That Are Sure To Keep You Snuggled Up With Your SO


If you ever needed an excuse to be held tightly by your SO at the drop of a dime, watching a horror movie is the perfect setup. Not only will you enjoy the terrifying film, but you get an endless amount of bear hugs because you are "afraid." The best scary movies to get snuggled up to are just a click away.

Call it immature if you want to, but finding any reason to be super close with the person you're interested in is never a waste of time. Besides, what else are horror films made for if you can't find comfort in the downright amazing person sitting next to you? If you ask me, those horror filmmakers knew exactly what they were doing and we are incredibly here for it.

It's certainly that time of year to get spooked and not feeling bad about hopping into someone's lap because something literally almost scared the pants off of you. No matter the time some of these horror films were made, the fear they instill in people is timeless and sadly still haunt some of our nightmares. We may even blame some of these films for the irrational phobias we have in our adulthood. Thanks, horror films. Nonetheless, if you're ready to face a fear-frenzied film, any of these movies will have you covering your eyes and seeking shelter in bae's ever-so-inviting arms.

1. The Exorcist

I don't care how old this movie is, the entire concept is freaky and certainly creeps you out. The idea of hell and its possible influence in the world will certainly keep you up at night. I'm pretty sure this actress still has nightmares about playing this role. We salute you.

2. It

Thank you Stephen King for single-handedly reinforcing the fear of clowns into millions of people. Clowns are already creepy as heck, and now add in the factor that this particular one eats and/or disembodies children. Yes, there's an entirely new film out that is rumored to be just as chilling as the first one.

3. Halloween

Oh, Michael. From the haunting mask to that savagely huge knife, this movie is definitely gonna make you jump more than once. How does this guy seem to always catch up to his victims without running? *shrugs*

4. The Shining

Jack Nicholson's stellar performance in this movie never gets old. This is one of those movies that will keep you on your toes and curious about how the heck stuff like this even happens. Hopefully your SO's name isn't Johnny.

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Any of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies are a great choice. Who even comes up with these crazy concepts that make the hairs on our neck raise? Nonetheless, Freddy Krueger's sweater choice ain't too shabby.

6. The Silence of the Lambs

Poor Clarice. Hannibal Lecter is sure to take a bite out of your fear... no pun intended. But seriously, this is an awesome film with some twists and turns.

7.  The Conjuring

Leave it to unexplained paranormal activity to scare any innocent viewer. Again, having all of the lights off will give you an even scarier experience. Keeping a blanket nearby to cover your face during certain parts is also acceptable.

8. Saw

Step into the most twisted depiction of "games." I'm not sure if you can call this a humbling experience, but it'll definitely have you thinking about taking things for granted and what you'd be willing to do to have your life. Basically, a grisly lesson.

9. Rosemary's Baby

Again, time has nothing to do with how long something stays scary. Step back into the 60s, and remember what true fear is made of with the story of Rosemary's baby. Press play at your own risk. Horror movies are great, especially when you can anticipate watching them with someone who will cuddle you when you jump or scream. Basically, the fear is definitely worth it with your SO.