6 Ways To Turn Your Apartment Into A Haunted House For Your Spontaneous Party

If you’re like me, you live for a good fright. Horror movies are my favorite genre and I am obsessed with anything creepy or haunted. Yes, I believe in ghosts, too (shocking, I know). Although I do prefer to watch others get scared rather than getting scared in real life myself, haunted houses are a Halloween staple that deserve to be done every year. And while many of us millennials live in apartments and can’t throw a massive party or put together an elaborate haunted house for our friends, there are definitely ways to get into the spooky spirit. Don't fret, because we're here to help you figure out how to make your apartment a haunted house.

Growing up, I loved doing crafts for all of the major holidays, Halloween of course being one of them. And now that I’m in college, not only do I not have the time to do anything festive, I also don’t always have the funds. But a quick Google and YouTube search shows you can literally do anything for cheap and still get a sick “haunted” apartment just in time for Halloween. Who doesn’t want Casper to show up at their Halloween party, looking for some punch? So, whether you're on a budget or just want a quick decoration to scare your roommates, these ideas are going to be perfect for you.

Bag O'Lanterns

This project is cute, effective, and probably the easiest one to do on this list. Bag O'Lanterns are simply brown paper bags that you've cut out to resemble Jack O'Lanterns (pretty self-explanatory, right?). Purchase some battery-operated tea light candles from the dollar store, and stick them in your new paper lanterns.

Creepy Ghosts

For something a little more involved, this decoration (also featured in the above tutorial) requires a white foam ball, black felt, cheese cloth, paper clips, and hot glue. Decorate your ghost head with black cutouts for its facial expression (make them as scary or as friendly as you'd like), and then drape two cheese cloths over it. Use the glue gun to make a hook at the top of the head to string it up in your home. For some added effect, poke some wires into the side and position them upward for a flying ghost to spook the heck out of all your friends.

Bloody Candles

These candles look like they're straight out Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story mind. They're super easy to make and also bring a very gory look to any dimly-lit party. Grab a big white candle and use either a red crayon or red candle to drip its hot wax all over, so that it gives the effect of dripping blood. This decoration definitely elicits a scary good time.

Grinning Pumpkin Cocktail Glasses

For all of you winos out there who are 21 and up, I know you have plain wine glasses chilling in your cabinets. Put them to better use this Halloween by cutting black electrical tape into an adorable Jack O'Lantern face. Pour an orange drink (either a mimosa, pineapple and vodka, or regular 'ole orange juice), and you have a cute but spooky cocktail on your hands.

Festive Skull Wreath

For when you're feeling dead inside (or just need a creepy way to greet guests this year), this skull wreath is what you need. Hit up Michael's or Target to buy a ton of mini skulls (as seen above), then hot glue them head-to-head. Make sure the skulls you buy aren't super heavy, so that they don't need an extensive amount of glue to keep them from falling apart. You can even do this with fake mini pumpkins as well, if you're not feeling these spooky fellas.

Mini Ghost

This last craft is also featured in the above DIY tutorial. All you'll need is an old baby doll, fabric stiffener, and cheese cloth. Put the cloth around the doll as it's sitting up and apply a thick later of stiffener all over the outside of the cloth. Leave it out to dry and then peel off the baby doll when dry. It should stay put in the form of the doll, giving a ghostly, eery presence when set up next to the punch (or on a coffee table).

This is a spooky DIY if even just for the fact that you have to have a baby doll sitting up in your house for a night. Definitely a "nope" moment from a horror movie.


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