A young woman wearing a large sun hat holds a sunflower up to her mouth while posing for a picture.
8 Fresh Sunflower Pics To Take At Home That'll Make Your End Of Summer Bloom

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The end of summer may be your favorite time of the year because there are sunflowers everywhere. Bright yellow buds are displayed next to the front door of your local grocery store, wrapped up in brown paper. When watering your fresh garden, you have to look up to them because they're incredibly tall and make you dream about creative sunflower pictures to take in your backyard.

Truth be told, you've thought about setting up your camera on a tripod while you hold a bloom over your face in the corner of your yard for an IG and Pinterest-worthy sunflower picture. You've closed your eyes to imagine a scene where you're holding one of the flowers up in the blue sky, only connected to it by its stem. It's all good, because dreamy pics for your feed are one of the things sunflowers were made for.

It's prime time to channel your artsy side. Put your phone or camera on self-timer mode and be creative with the ideas already floating around in your head. Of course, if the final photo isn't exactly what you were hoping it'd be, you can try out one of these eight creative sunflower picture ideas. Whatever you do, be sure to brighten up your feed with a cheerful yellow snap before summer's over.

The "Stopped To Smell The Sunflowers" Picture
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First up is an idea that's summer loving at its best and will undoubtedly spread the good vibes on your feed. Create it by standing in front of a lush bush or tree in your backyard while holding the sunflowers you just picked from your garden or a bin at your local farm. As the camera is about to click, pretend to sniff the flowers — but be sure the petals don't cover your face. The result will be pure bliss and rake in all the likes.

The "Made My Own Flower Shop" Picture

Sunflowers aren't the only types of buds you have in your home and backyard. For this picture idea, you'll want to gather all of the succulents, potted plants, and colorful produce from your cute vegetable garden and put them in one place. Toss on a sun hat and wrap pastel bows around the pots. Also put little chalkboard signs in each, noting what they are. Take a picture standing amongst your plant friends, creating a flower stand vibe. Who knows, you may even get some orders in the comments!

The "Brunch With A Side Of Sunflowers, Please" Picture

Everyone knows a perfect summer brunch includes waffles, bacon, eggs, and a vase of beautiful sunflowers. You can stage that gorgeous scene on your deck, patio, or balcony before summer's over. Simply start your creative process by cooking up a tasty meal in the kitchen and putting it on a decorative plate. Then place it in just the right spot on your outdoor table, along with a vintage-y glass filled with orange juice, and snap away.

The "Showing Off My Creative Side" Picture

Your creative side probably goes beyond your ability to plant a beautiful garden or come up with a witty Instagram caption for a long summer weekend. It's about time you share the beauty, don't you think? Do so by setting up an easel, canvas, and bottles of paint near your garden. On a nearby table, place a vase filled with sunflowers to be the "subject" you are painting.

As the self-timer goes off, pose with paintbrush in hand. Use the "Select Multiple" feature on Instagram to also show your loyal followers the painting you've created.

The "Fresh Out Of The Sunflower Patch" Picture
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Did you and your best friend just get back from the farm where you ate apple cider doughnuts and bought lots of sunflowers? You should take advantage of your excitement, and snap the "Fresh Out of the Sunflower Patch" picture.

In this photo, pose with your wrapped-up buds while standing in your backyard. In one hand is your cute basket filled with local produce and treats, and next to your feet is another. On your face is a huge smile that basically says, "I'm here for the sunflowers."

The "Putting Together A Summer Bouquet" Picture

Mixing sunflowers with roses and baby's breath is your forté. You love arranging these sweet bouquets and bringing them to your BFFs. Show off the magic of your fave activity on IG with the "Putting Together a Summer Bouquet" picture. Put a glass vase on a table and take pics as you slip a bow around the rim, cut the stems, and arrange the buds to your liking. It'll expose your talent — in a good way.

The "Something Sunny Is Behind My Back" Picture

There's always something sunny to look forward to, and this picture is a reminder of that. It requires you to hold a few of your sunflowers behind your back and take the picture with your back turned to the camera. You can spice it up a little by tossing a vintage edit on the final product, or holding a little chalkboard as well with a motivational message.

The "Nothing But Sunflowers" Picture
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If you hopped on the "summer textures" trend, then you will adore taking the "Nothing But Sunflowers" picture. It puts the camera's focus entirely on the yellow petals, and not quite on you. The only part of you that's in this picture is your arm — which is holding the bouquet in front of your garage, deck, or a rustic-looking fence.