Two young women pose in front of gold streamers while wearing Halloween costumes.
8 Underrated Backyard Halloween Party Ideas For You & Your Housemates

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This year, you're having an intimate gathering for Halloween and inviting only your two or three housemates. Together, your roomie crew is staying safe at home on the spookiest night of the year and having a very exclusive shindig in your own backyard. Since Oct. 31 is going to sneak up on us, you're already thinking of underrated backyard Halloween party ideas and attempting to put some details in place amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Look no further than this list we put together for you and your main boos. It'll deck out your backyard with funky skeletons and crafty jack-o'-lanterns, and make sure you have a full itinerary for the night. Setting up a social media-worthy movie theater in your backyard will let you all watch the classic films you grew up with, like Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus. Brewing a mocktail or two in a plastic cauldron will prep you for other fall holidays and give you something tasty to sip while you catch up on life.

Not to mention, all of these ideas will be very affordable to recreate, so you don't have to break the bank to have fun. In a year when the whole world is settling down at home, use one (or all) of these ideas for a Halloween that feels like a chill escape into the world of witches, full moons, and pumpkins galore.

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Make Up Your Own Ghost Stories And Write Them Down

When you were a kid, you may have spent summers listening to ghost stories while sitting around a campfire. Your Oct. 31 should be no different, except you should use your creativity to come up with your own.

Have each of your roomies take a turn adding to a spooky story. Jot it all down in this journal — which can accompany you on your next adventure, whether that be to a haunted trail or a dreamy national park.

Mix Up Mocktails On Your Patio With A Cute Cauldron

Drinks are a must-have for any party, and this cauldron will let you mix up spicy or sweet ones in the most spirited way. Pick it up and then save recipes on a Pinterest board for you to look at later on. On the night of, pull out the cauldron as well as all of the necessary ingredients and garnishes, and make IG Reels with your housemates as you put together a witch's brew.

Bake A S'mores Skillet To Enjoy Under The Stars

Your party will most likely be taking place at night when the moon is full and the stars are bright. Prior to laying out a blanket, you'll want to bake a s'mores skillet. It'll be a treat as sweet as the candy you'd get if you went trick-or-treating — and it'll warm you up as you face the chilly fall weather.

Paint Your Nails To Look Like Candy Corn

Whether or not you and your housemates come to the party in costume, you'll want to spend some time painting your nails to look Halloween-esque. You could paint them to look like candy corn, pumpkins, or tiny ghosts. This nail polish will help get the job done, and give you results that are so IG-worthy.

Sip Tea Out Of Halloween-Themed Mugs

If you're not into mocktails or would rather sip on something with a more soothing flavor, then make this caramel tea with your housemates and drink it out of Halloween mugs while chilling on your back porch. You'll love the sweet notes it has, and will want to spend every Halloween with a cute mug in-hand and roomies by your side. Also, it may inspire you to snuggle up in blankets while sitting outside.

Take Photos In Front Of A Chic Orange Curtain

Parties that are held in your backyard deserve their time on the 'gram, which is where this idea comes in. It requires an orange curtain and an Instagram backdrop. Set the backdrop up and drape the curtain over the poles. Then, prop your camera up on a tripod and take some pics with your housemates.

Purchase separate props like scarecrows and decorative, tiny pumpkins, or make them on your own and attach them to the popsicle sticks you have laying around in a craft drawer. If you really want to go all-out, get dressed up in a costume for this idea.

Watch Halloween Movies In A Cozy Outdoor Theater Setup

You can, and should, create a cozy outdoor theater for your Halloween party with your housemates. It'll make your party feel like no other experience you've had before, and give you all a spot to watch Twitches Too or new episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

If you want to recreate this idea, stock up on pillows, popcorn bowls, blankets, and this outdoor rug. Lay it all out in front of a projector and settle in for a night of good spooks.

Start A Spooky Embroidery To Hang Up In Your Home

You can never have enough home decor, right? That's why you and your housemates may want to spend time crafting during your backyard Halloween party. You can order this kit, which includes everything you need to create a fun and spooky embroidery piece, including the pattern. If you finish by the end of the night, hang up your new goodies in the kitchen or another communal room in your home.