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12 Unique Instas To Take During Your Outdoor Movie Date Night

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There's something truly adventurous about setting up a movie projector in your backyard and displaying one of your favorite films. Maybe all of the TikTok videos of couples tossing down blankets, pillows, and snacks to a dreamy tune has made this experience seem extra epic. But, if your SO proposes the idea, you certainly shouldn't turn it down. Instead, you should take notes on those videos, set up your own cozy theater, and recreate these unique Instagram ideas for outdoor movie date night pics with your partner.

Although it may take a little effort to perfectly position your tripod and lay out just the right comforter in the most IG-worthy way, it'll be worth it, as well as a memorable part of your date night. You'll get to work together with your partner to create a romantic space, and giggle as they try to toss a piece of popcorn into your mouth. After capturing these pictures, you can then snuggle up under those blankets and recite famous lines, such as, "Avengers, assemble!" from Avengers: Endgame.

As the movie plays, notifications will rack up on your phone for likes and comments you're receiving on IG — which you will enjoy later when the credits are rolling and the stars are bright. Here are those ideas you can recreate for outdoor movie pics with your partner.

The "Pass The Popcorn, Please!" Picture
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First up is an idea that's totally tasty and will require a little bit of aim. The "Pass the Popcorn, Please!" shot is all about tossing a piece of that salty snack into your partner's mouth, with your outdoor movie setup behind you. You'll want to activate self-timer for this picture, and put your phone or digital camera on a tripod. If your coordination isn't great, toss popcorn up in the air and laugh as it rains down and your camera goes "click!"

The "Sweeter Than Candy" Picture

Do you remember that scene in Lady and the Tramp when they eat spaghetti and their mouths almost meet? This pic is similar, and requires you and your partner to start eating from the two ends of a chocolate bar. Right before you meet in the middle of the KitKat or Hershey's, you'll want to take the picture. Spice it up by having a fire pit lit in the background or adding a vintage edit.

The "Pretending We're In A Rom-Com" Picture

Every rom-com has that moment when the couple kisses for the first time, and one of their legs goes up. If you're a big fan of The Princess Diaries, then you know exactly what this pose looks like. You'll want to recreate that pose for this pic while standing on top of your blanket and pillow setup. Wrap your arms around your partner, go in for the kiss, and pop your leg up. Be sure to have the title screen of your movie on the screen.

The "Lights, Camera, Action" Picture

No outdoor movie setup is complete without lights. Show your IG followers that you didn't forget about this major detail by zooming in on your projected screen that's lined with bright, twinkling lights. Hang them up on the house however you can — duck tape works fine. Apply an extra dose of contrast when editing so the lights really pop.

The "Couples' Retreat" Picture
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If you're hosting an outdoor movie night where your bestie and their SO are bringing over snacks and watching with you, take this picture. Simply act like you don't know the camera is there while watching the movie and cozying up on the blankets you've laid out. Light a few candles to set the mood and bring plants into the scene as well, to give it a natural #vacay vibe.

The "Lollipop In The DVD" Picture

When it comes to picking out a movie to watch, you and your partner may not be the best. But, that's OK, because it leaves a lot of opportunity to take the "Lollipop in the DVD" picture. To capture this, sit criss-crossed on your blankets, and hold up a few giant lollipops in one hand and DVDs in the other. Have all of your followers vote on which movie you should watch.

The "Barefoot Dreams And Outdoor Screens" Picture

Having an outdoor movie night in the summer means you can kick your shoes and socks off. You can stick your feet into the grass while the action goes on. Put your feet up toward the sky with your partner and angle your lens so a small corner of the projected screen is in view. Capture your bare feet against the stars, or your fun socks if it's a chillier night.

The "Setting The Scene" Picture

Borrow your bestie's drone for this picture which is taken from above your set-up. It's made to capture the pillows, lights, and candles you've laid out, so your followers can see every detail. In this picture, you'll want to either wave at the drone's lens as it rises, or toss up a peace sign. You can even go in for a kiss if the moment feels right.

The "Hanging Out At The Drive-In" Picture
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We don't all have a backyard movie setup ready to go. But, in many towns and cities there are drive-ins you can pull into to watch a classic film from the comfort and safety of your car. If you attend one with your partner, take a pic from your view in the passenger or driver's seat of the cars lined up and the screen illuminating their tops. Bonus points if you catch the couple engage in a romantic moment on screen.

The "Made My Own Tickets" Picture

You can turn an outdoor movie into a full-on date experience by making your own, fake tickets. Open Photoshop to design them as well as an invite you can put on your partner's pillow. Take a picture of the designed pieces all together and a couple of videos which you can turn into a clever Instagram Reel.

The "Cheers To A Movie Night" Picture

Movie nights require some sort of drinks, whether that be cold water, mocktails, or bubbly soda. Put your two drinks into jars with bamboo straws for an aesthetically-pleasing shot. Clink the jars together in front of the projected screen, or the lights you have lining it, and caption the picture, "Cheers to a fun movie night!"

The "Director's Cut" Picture
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A romantic and unique pic you can take of your outdoor movie night is called "Director's Cut." It captures you and your partner sharing a moment that was caught in the spur of the moment, and can be created in the midst of getting any of the other shots above. You want it to be a little blurry or show the two of you laughing at an inside joke or sharing a silly kiss. If you happen to capture a bunch of these, make a collage of them to post, or use the "Select Multiple" feature and post a photo dump. You can title it, "Outtakes."

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