30 Unique Outdoor Dates That'll Nurture Your Relationship

You're tired of all your favorite restaurants and bars, and there are no movies out that you want to see. You can't possibly spend another night eating takeout and watching Netflix, and you're not really in the mood for a sporting event or concert. You're looking for a date that's outside of the box, maybe even something that's literally outside. Whether you take your boo for a hike through your favorite trail or spend the day picking over produce at a local farmer's market, these unique outdoor dates are sure to nurture your relationship with nature.

From setting up a picnic with all of your favorite drinks and snacks to lying out on a blanket and watching the stars, outdoor dates can be as low-key as you want them to be (translation: If you and your partner aren't big "nature people," you don't have to stress). Of course, you may love to break a sweat and really embrace the wild outdoors. If that's the case, doing a rigorous workout in the park, learning a new water sport, or going on a high-intensity trek through the mountains may be at the top of your list.

Here are 30 outdoor date ideas that are sure to make your smile.


1. Set up a projector in your yard on a roof and have an outdoor movie night.

2. Get crafty and messy! Tie-dye or bleach-dye a set of sheets or blankets for your home together.

3. Hit up a pick-your-own farm and grab some fresh produce together.

4. Set up a scavenger hunt of your favorite places around town.

5. Do yoga together in a park or wooded area.

6. Play paintball together, or a DIY Nerf Gun war.

7. Build a campfire or have a fire in a pit and make s'mores.

8. Stroll through a farmer's market or another outdoor market together.

9. Have a day or night at the beach, and soak up the sun and the sand.

10. Rent a kayak or canoe and paddle your way around a body of water.

11. Take a walking tour of lesser-known outdoor attractions in your town or city.

12. See new heights in a ropes course or on a zip line.

13. Find a rooftop with a view and look out at the stars and skyline.

14. Go for a hike somewhere you've never been to.

15. Take a last-minute road trip to a national park or monument.


16. Sign up for a sailing lesson or take a ride on a boat.

17. Visit a public garden or arboretum.

18. Go ice skating at an outdoor rink.

19. Set up a picnic of all your favorite foods and find a quiet place to eat with a great view.

20. Read books in the park together.

21. Set up a cozy place and snuggle up to watch the sunrise or sunset.

22. Find a nearby body of water — an ocean, stream, lake, or pond — and skip rocks together.

23. Build a snowman together.

24. Set up hammocks and lie out together, swaying in the breeze.

25. Find a nice place to lay a blanket outside and watch a movie on your computer or phone.

26. Go camping in your backyard (or on a camping trip,) pack tons of snacks, and wear your comfiest clothes.

27. Find a local festival or outdoor concert.

28. Take a bike ride to your favorite place in the city.

29. Grab some sidewalk chalk and make a day out of coloring on the road together.

30. Take some bread down to a park or pond and feed the birds.