If You Want To Impress An Earth Sign, Take Them On One Of These 7 Dates

Earth signs are the under-appreciated romantics of the zodiac, largely because they tend to express love and affection in more practical actions over words. As a result, they don't get the same kind of appreciation more overly passionate elements like fire and water do. But don't sleep on earth signs, because they actually have a hidden romantic side worth bringing out. All it takes is inviting them on dates earth signs will love.

While Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are very different in some respects, one common quality they share is their discerning tastes. As such, it might seem like organizing a date that’s up to their standards would be challenging. But while they can be very particular and picky about certain things, deep down earth signs are true romantics just waiting to break out of their practical and regimented shells. To be fair, Taurus is pretty openly romantic thanks to their connection to Venus. In their case, it's about proving you're at their level, and that’s actually easier than you might think.

Because earth signs are grounded, homey, and little bit traditional, it can be easy for these folks to fall into a dating rut. Even signs that love routine need to spice it up from time to time. So, whether you're going on a first date with an earth sign or trying to change things up a bit, these date ideas are just the kinds of activities that bring out the softer side of this element.

Go for A Wine, Craft Beer, Or Whiskey Tasting
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Earth signs tend to fancy themselves as people with refined palates and a taste for the best things in life. They also love to learn new things they can show off later, so a tasting tour hits all the right notes. Plus, getting a little tipsy can help Capricorn chill out come out of their shell a bit faster.

A Spa Day With A Couples' Massage

Earth signs are very tactile, and have an appreciation for the finer things in life. Even prudent Capricorn, can appreciate being pampered for they day. If you want your earth sign partner to feel the love, show them what a VIP you think they are.

Plan The Perfect Night In

Earth signs are serious homebodies. Home is cozy, safe, and if you're dating a Taurus, probably pretty luxe. Go ahead and lean into it by planning the perfect night in with your earth sign bae. Make a gourmet dinner together or order delivery from their favorite restaurant. Then pick a movie to snuggle up to. (Bonus points if the movie is a documentary.)

Have A Picnic In A Botanical Garden

Because of their earth element connection, these signs have an affinity for nature. They are the natural gardeners of the zodiac, so being surrounded by nature is a great way to bring out their softer and more romantic side. Plan a day strolling through a garden with a stop for a picnic in the park, and watch them get wooed in real time.

Visit An Art Show Or Museum

Earth signs have a keen aesthetic eye and an appreciation for art. Plus, they love the opportunity to discuss their opinions and lean into the intellectual side. Spending a day at an art gallery is a lovely, relaxing way to enjoy quality time with an earth sign. Pick one with a cafe where you can spend some time discussing the art and sipping cappuccinos afterward.

Take In The Earth's Beauty With A Hike

Again, nature! Going outside is one of the best ways to get to an earth sign’s heart beating. A gentle hike with a view or hitting the beach to watch the waves crash against the shore are both super romantic to these grounded signs.

Splurge On A Decadent Dessert
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Just because earth signs have bougie tastes, doesn't mean you have to burst the budget impressing one. If going to a five-star restaurant is out of your price range, no problem. Instead of opting for a big, fancy meal, find a local patisserie that serves incredible desserts and splurge on two or three to share.

Honestly, the key to planning the perfect date for an earth sign is just about making them feel special and taken care of. These signs tend to be the caretakers for the people they love, so having that role reversed for a night can really allow them to relax, open up, and feel the love.