A couple eats popcorn in bed, while watching a movie together.
These Tasty Popcorn Recipes Will Butter Up Your Backyard Movie Nights


Movie night isn't quite the same without popcorn. Snacking on that buttery goodness completes every adorable meet cute and action-packed scene. So, if you're planning a backyard movie night with your roomies or partner, this roundup of popcorn recipe ideas on YouTube can turn your next hangout into a truly a-maize-ing one.

The difference between seeing the movies in a theater versus enjoying them in your backyard is that you call all the shots at home. That means, instead of having regular popcorn, you can make different flavors like peanut butter or spicy buffalo. It's already tough enough deciding what movie to watch, so if you're in the mood for something that's both sweet and savory, try as many of these popcorn recipes as you'd like.

To complete the experience, serve up your popcorn in a retro-looking popcorn bucket (, $10). Watching a Disney film with your fam? Give everyone their own colorful Disney bowl (, $35) that they can fill up themselves with whatever popcorn catches their eye. You can even get a personalized popcorn bowl from Etsy so everyone knows to keep their paws off of your snack. With so many popcorn possibilities out there, a backyard movie night is a must, so you butter start planning one ASAP.

Movie Theater Popcorn

You can't go wrong with traditional movie theater popcorn. This copycat recipe will make you feel like you're at your fave theater with your besties on a Friday night. It'll even make your kitchen smell like a movie theater lobby.

Salted Caramel Popcorn

You can trust that Gordon Ramsay has a delicious popcorn recipe. If you can't decide between sweet or salty, consider making Ramsay's salted caramel popcorn. When you're mixing everything together, you'll feel like a real MasterChef.

Sweet Cinnamon Popcorn

Roll up to movie night with this cinnamon popcorn recipe. This is probably one of the easiest recipes to follow, because all you need is cinnamon and sugar to sprinkle on top of your popcorn. Get an adorable popcorn shaker (, $13) to pour your cinnamon sugar mix into so you can continue adding the sweetness to your popcorn throughout the movie.

Cheesy Garlic Popcorn

Combining garlic and cheese creates an extra delicious blend for your popcorn. You can even start out with an unflavored bag of popcorn from the store if you don't have time to pop your own at home and want to start adding your flavorful ingredients ASAP.

Christmas-Inspired Popcorn

Have plans to watch a Christmas movie? Stay on theme with this Christmas crunch popcorn recipe. This is perfect for the holidays, or even if you're just watching a Hallmark Christmas movie in July. Serve this popcorn with some peppermint hot chocolate for a super holly, jolly time.

Spicy Buffalo Popcorn Recipe

To give your movie snack a little kick, consider making this spicy buffalo popcorn recipe. It'll remind you of the buffalo wings at your fave bar, but in fun snack-sized bites. Pair it with an action-packed flick to take your backyard movie night to the next level.

BBQ Popcorn

Your backyard movie experience can become a backyard barbecue in no time, thanks to this BBQ-flavored popcorn. This is great for the summertime when you're really in the mood for a barbecue night with the fam. If you want to stay on the backyard BBQ theme, serve some refreshing lemonade in cute mason jars.

Peanut Butter Popcorn

For a nostalgic movie night with your bestie, whip up this peanut butter popcorn. Since your BFF is the PB to your J, it makes perfect sense to serve up this flavor. Throw in some chocolate chips to make it a chocolate peanut butter mix, or serve strawberry slushies for a tasty peanut butter and jelly-like combo.

Chocolate Popcorn

Raise your hand if you mix your M&Ms in with your popcorn when you're at the movies. It's a fun way to combine chocolate and popcorn for a sweet and salty treat. This chocolate popcorn recipe takes your love for the two to the next level. It basically guarantees that you'll get some chocolatey goodness with every single bite.