7 Things That'll Never Be TMI To Share With Your Bestie, Because You're Bonded For Life

One of the first lessons you learn, like ever, is: Sharing is caring. Your kindergarten teacher taught you to pass the crayons to other kids at your table, or give somebody else a turn on the swings. But, as you grow up, you learn that there's a limit to sharing — and started hearing the phrase, "too much information." Welp! Who are you going to talk to about the embarrassing thing that happened at lunch, or your secret crushes? Enter, your best friend. There are some things you tell your best friend that would be too much info to anyone else — and it's been like that since day one.

Together, you've talked about all the things. You've had in-depth conversations about your periods, or weird food combinations that are actually really good. You've spent hours reading over text messages, and curating the perfect responses to your crushes. Don't even get me started on the time you've dedicated to memes and funny tweets you found on the Internet.

And as the years have gone on, you two have continuously agreed that "too much information" is not a real thing — at least, with each other. You share everything with your best friend, and will continue to do so forever. These seven things are probably what you tell her the most, right?

Your Text Messages

Your bestie is the first person you go to with your text messages. You know: the convos with the person you're crushing on, the sweet messages from your significant other, or the drama going down in the group chat. She sees it all, and helps you work out a good response.

For someone else, this may be a bit too personal — and that's OK. Some of us like to keep our messages to ourselves, and not have other people putting in their two cents. But, for you and your bestie, there are no boundaries here.

Your Crushes

Over the years, you've had some major crushes. (Girl, same.) You had the posters of Troy Bolton from High School Musical — aka, a young Zac Efron —on your wall, and kissed it before going to bed. Then, there was the person in your English class who you thought was super cute. Oh, the memories.

You told your best friend about all of these crushes, and she listened while you professed your love. Nowadays, you might not talk about these crushes much, but you know your secrets and TMI convos are safe with her.

Your PMS Symptoms

Thanks to your best friend, your periods haven't been so bad. She lets you vent in detail about your most annoying PMS symptoms, and brings you ice cream, too. (What would you do without her?)

Truth is, having those personal conversations with anyone else wouldn't feel quite right They would absolutely get the label, "too much information." But, sometimes you need to express your hatred for cramps. That's where your best friend comes in — and every single month, she's prepped and ready for the most natural 4-1-1 of all time.

Your Weirdest Habits

Nobody knows about your weird habits like your best friend. She's been around from day one, and has your mannerisms and preferences down to a science. When it comes to your habits, she doesn't even consider the phrase "too much information." It's textbook at this point.

More often than not, she's there to experience the weird way you eat ice cream (I'm so guilty of this one.) or tie your shoes. Maybe you double as roommates — so, she watches you make spaghetti at midnight, or hears you singing in the shower, too. She's learned over the years to love these weird habits, because they make you, you.

Your Work And Side Hustles

You could ramble on and on about the things that you're passionate about. Your bestie will ask about how a project at work is going, or your side hustle as a lifestyle blogger. Hours later, you're still talking her ear off.

You're telling her about photo editing programs that you use for your Instagram account, and small details that don't mean much to her — and she nods along. At the end of the day, even if she doesn't understand how Lightroom mobile presets work, she's still excited to see your face light up. Too much information? Never.

Your Drama With Your Siblings

You and your siblings get into disagreements at times. You argue over the TV remote, or who gets to borrow the car on the weekends. It's inevitable.

In these moments, though, you turn to your best friend. You tell her all the details of the drama, and ask her for some advice. She always knows exactly what to say, and will call you out if you're wrong. Let's be honest: Sharing the good and the bad has really helped you two become bonded for life.

Your Stories From The Weekend

You and your best friend may be in a long-distance best friendship. You're separated because of school or work, and living on opposite ends of the country. At times, it can be difficult, but you've found that your T.M.I conversations have really kept you close.

You have phone calls with her on Sunday mornings and catching up on everything. You tell her all the stories from your weekend — from the cute person you met at the bar, to the new flavor of chips you picked up at the grocery store. These details may seem like too much or totally irrelevant to someone else — but to your bestie, they aren't at all.