7 Things You Can Always Count On Your Cousins For, When They're Your Best Friends

Let's talk cousins. As Taylor Swift said in "22," we're really feeling "happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time." One day we feel like we finally have this whole adulting thing figured out, and the next we're wondering how we ever made it this far. But, what we often forget is that we've never really been alone. We've gotten by with a lot of help from our friends, and our favorite family members. And our cousins are the ones who will forever be there when we continue to need them the most. There are some things you count on your cousins for more than anyone else, and it's because they're basically you're best friends.

We're always feeling lucky for the ones in our families who are always there. They're the people in our lives who we didn't get to choose, but still love us hard. They're the kids we grew up with, and who stuck around even through the awkward phase. (Seriously, that was rough.)

Making memories and facing all those family events are so much better when we have them by our side. At one point, you all rocked the kids' table and now you're taking trips together and shaking up new surroundings, too. Yeah, you and your cousins probably caused some trouble back in the day, but you have your sights set on the present and the future now. You're feeling lucky that you can count on them for these seven things, in particular.

For A Travel Buddy

You'll be going on a lot of adventures as a 20-something. But, the best trips you take will always be with your cousins. Whenever you want to check something cool off of your bucket, they'll be there like one of your best friends with a passport ready to be stamped. They're looking to make so many memories, too.

Honestly, some people are out there searching for their soulmates, but traveling is really where it's at right now. Weekend getaways, road trips, and even those exotic travels around the world will always be better with this kind of bestie by your side. Truth is, traveling with your cousin is such a sweet escape. You get some quality family time, all while wandering the world. How cool is that?

For Nostalgia

They were there for all of the holiday parties, birthdays, and embarrassing moments in between. They remember the time when you were little and just learned how to ride a bike, and when they thought it would be funny to dress you up, or taught you how to play kickball in your aunt's backyard. There are thousands of pictures to prove all of those memories, but it's always fun to try and figure them out again firsthand. And you can always count on your cousins to fill in the gaps from all those family vacations.

We really love (and sometimes, sort of hate) when we get into heart-to-hearts with our best friends late at night, because we always end up walking down nostalgia lane. Sure, getting sent straight into our feels isn't always so ideal. But, we love looking back on when life was simpler. Thank goodness, our cousins are around for these talks, too.

For Life Advice

Life can be tough, but your cousins are always there to help you handle the curveballs. Whether you're still in college, or facing the real world as (dare I say) an adult, they know exactly what you're going through (and are bound to have at least one piece of life advice along the way).

The cool thing about cousins is that they're sort of like friends and family, so you don't have worry about getting personal with them. They'll keep all your secrets, and be straight up with you just the same. You could go to them with your relationship troubles, or even when you're learning how to live with your parents again, and they'd know just what to say or do to make the situation a bit better. Odds are, a vent session was just so needed and they really won't mind you ranting for an hour about all your passions and problems.

For Creative Inspiration

Your cousins are by far the coolest ones in your family. If they're older than you, then they might have this whole life thing figured out a bit more, and if they're younger then they're always up-to-date on the latest trends and texting lingo. Maybe it'll just be for some fresh ideas for your Instagram feed, or as artsy as starting your own lifestyle blog. Either way, they'll be there to spark all kinds of new interests into your soul.

We all have certain things that we're passionate about, and your cousins might not necessarily be into photography or the like when you're basically a pro. But, they grew up just a bit differently and always have amazing stories to tell. So, you can always count on them when you're in serious need of some creative inspiration and a change in your perspective.

For Fashion Sense

Once again, your cousins are so effortlessly cool and they show it off in their style. When you were little, you all probably swapped clothes and gave each other hand-me-downs. But, now that you're more grown, you're taking shopping trips together and sending each other outfit ideas on Pinterest every season. You may even have favorite models that you follow together like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid. One day, you hope you can have a closet as amazing as your cousin's and be like those stylish soul sisters, too.

Especially if your cousin lives far away, or even just a couple hours down the road, then they probably know of cute boutiques and brands that you've never heard of, but would really love. You're always feeling so lucky to have such fashionable family members, and can always count on them to give you the trendiest advice.

For Honesty

Your cousins care about you enough that they'll always tell it to you like it is. Honesty is their best policy, and they seriously don't mind being a bit blunt. If the dress you bought for a family wedding just isn't cute, they'll be sure to say something. And if they see you really struggling with your relationship, they'll offer some solid advice and remind you how to love yourself in your 20s.

When you all were kids, you probably lived life fairly sugarcoated. Your older family members wouldn't bother you with the more serious matters, and it just didn't make sense for you to face the real world quite yet. But, by now, you've learned that it can all be very bittersweet. The good is only so good because of the bad — and although the truth might be hard to hear sometimes, you can always count on your cousins to be honest.

For Friendship

Your favorite family members are basically your best friends. Think about all the day ones in your life that make you love your hometown. Together you've made so many memories, and you can always count on your cousins to be there for you just the same.

You all are figuring out how to navigate life, and are learning from your mistakes as you go. They'll be some of your most reliable shoulders to cry on, and also the ones who will forever make you laugh your absolute hardest. Being 20-something means we need a whole lot of support because we're following our dreams, pursuing our passions, and still finding our place in this huge world. You and your cousins will always be cheering each other on from the sidelines, and be the sidekicks everybody wishes for at one point or another.

So, don't think that you're ever alone. You can count on your cousins for a whole lot — especially to be your very best friends.