Why You Feel So Much Closer To Your Cousins Once You Reach Your 20s

Between driving both all of your parents nuts and hanging out with your grandparents, you and your cousins made childhood that much more sweet. When you grow up with your cousins, they're like BFFs you share a bloodline with, and they're privy to so much about what makes you, you. In your 20s, being close to your cousins comes in handy in so many ways.

They're tight enough with you to be there for you always, yet they're still embedded with that platonic vibe. It's almost like your cousins bring an entire new meaning to family friend. They're your family, but they can turn into a friend, if you need them. And we are so here for their naturally dynamic demeanor that gives us that sweet feeling of security that can only come from people you're close with.

In your 20s, you're embarking on a long journey toward self-discovery. You want to know who you are and how you got there. Your cousins couldn't be a more perfect companion to have during this confusing period. So, if you kissed your teenage years goodbye, but weren't leaving without your cousins by your side, there are a few reasons why you are going to feel so much closer to them in this next decade of life.

They Really Know You Better Than Most People

In your 20s, you tend to gravitate toward people who get you, not just know you. It can be a weird time as you try to discover who you are and what your purpose is. Your cousins have already been a part of your inner circle, but during your 20s, you're hell of a lot closer because you know why they deserve to be there.

You Can Confide In Them, Even If It's Extra Personal

Maybe you aren't sharing those juvenile secrets about who really stole the cookies out of the cookie jar, but that trust only multiplies as adults. Your cousins never feel the need to judge you because you are family. You can come to them wholeheartedly with any issue or trouble and they'll be there for you.

They'll Hang Out Like Friends, But Defend You Like Family

Family always comes first. So, don't get it twisted when it comes to your cousins. They will defend you like you are their blood, because you are, no matter how cool and laid back your friendship is. You'll appreciate how much they really have your back throughout your 20s and forever.

You're Experiencing This Chapter Of Adulthood Together

An impromptu singalong to High School Musical's, "We're All in This Together" is a must when you consider that you aren't alone facing adulthood. Your cousins have grown up with you and going through this new chapter together brings you closer. You're both working out the kinks and helping each other through it.

You Can Be Brutally, Yet Genuinely Honest With Each Other

Honesty, it's not so easy to come by when you're older. Since the beginning, your cousins have had no problem telling you that you had a booger in your nose or gum in your hair. Their honesty is so genuine, and when you are full-on adulting, you value it so, so much.

You Have A Constant Reminder Of Who You Are

It's easy to fall astray from who you are when adulting can pull you in so many different directions. Whether it's a new job or a person making you out to be something that you're not, your cousins can bring you back to your roots. Without even trying, they bring out the truest qualities of who you are.

They're The Greatest Wingwomen Ever

OK, definitely have to include how they're an asset to your love life. Since your cousins know you inside and out, they have a knack for pinpointing people who are good for you. Sometimes, these are people you never would have even pegged for yourself. In your 20s, you're testing the waters and your cousins are right there helping you get your feet wet.

As unpredictable and intense as your 20s can be, you can count on building an even stronger bond with your cousins. Their influence is unmatched and your love for them is so real.