When You'd Do Anything For Your Cousin, These 5 Things Are So True

by Tessa Harvey

The relationship you have with your cousin is so special. She's one of your first friends and easily your soul sister by heart. Your family actually is her family, and she loves them just as much. You rely on your cousin like you would any other best friend — she's your confidant, your backbone, and your cheer team on the sidelines, all in one. Sometimes in life, you just get lucky. In this case, lucky enough that your cousin happens to be one of your closest friends (because that's definitely not how it always is). Sure, there were factors in place — you're close in age, similar in nature, and you complement one another like peanut butter and jelly. You also put in the work to make your relationship great — and that's why you'd do anything for your cousin.

There are a million things to love about her, for starters. Honestly, you can't choose what really made you as close as you are. But when you're as close as the two of you are, you really don't need many reasons to help her out when she needs something. That's what you're there for, after all. But if you were to name a few, these five reasons would top your list.

Family Comes First

If there's a number one reason why you're going to drop everything to help your cuz out in a bind, it's this. She's your family, she's your blood, she's your cousin, and she is your best friend. You've been looking out for one another since day one — from the times she fell while you were roller blading and scraped her knee, to your first broken heart. It's a given that you'd be here for everything else, too.

She's Been There For It All

Seriously, she has literally been by your side for it all. The thing about family is that there's no shortage of embarrassing, sad, or happy moments. Whatever your memory has let you forget, your family is right there to remind you. Your cousin is no different. I can't even count the number of times my cousin has reminded me of something we did as kids enough to jog my memory, never mind the times she reminds me of my past mistakes. If she needs me, I'm there.

She Really Hates Asking For Help

Don't we all? Asking for help is hard. Sometimes it's harder than just trying to figure things out on our own. Your cousin knows that asking for help makes her depend on someone else, and she is a pretty independent person. She likes to do things on her own. You know that if she's made an effort and reached out to you for help, it's because she really needs you. From there, it's a no-brainer to be there for you.

She's Your Actual Best Friend Forever

Somehow, between growing up and now, the two of you became best friends. It was so natural, you almost didn't see it happen — but it did. For better or for worse, you're connected. Your friendship is truly one for the books, and you wouldn't trader it for the world. Being both family and best friends puts you on a tier of trust not many can understand.

She's Got Your Back, No Matter What

Without a second thought, if you needed it, your cousin would be there for you. You know it wouldn't matter if she were 20 minutes away or across the country, because she'd find a way to be there for you. It's what makes her such an incredible human — she's always there to lend a supportive hand, because she cares so much. So you do it for her, too. Not out of obligation, though — it's all genuine. You're there for her because you love her — just like you're her number one girl, too. That's how you know you've locked down a bestie for life.