7 Weekend Trips To Take With Your Cousin When You Need A Sweet Escape

Is it the weekend yet? The answer to that question is always "almost," and you'll want to have your plans prepped so that you really don't waste a second of it. We could spend our Saturdays catching up on some much-needed sleep, or do some self-care on Sunday like all the cool kids. But, the weekend is meant for adventure, so don't miss out on all of those memories you could make. You're in the mood for some quality family time, and maybe even a road trip. These weekend trips to take with your cousin will be the sweet escape you're really looking for after a long work week.

Cousins are the most underrated travel buddies. When it comes to your family, they're some of your favorite people to hang out with. But, for whatever reason, you never seem to follow through on all of your plans. This weekend is your chance to change that — and you'll want to pack a camera to document all of the solid memories.

Seriously, you could go to your cousin with just about anything — adventures included — and they'd be a listening ear and spontaneous sidekick just the same. Even the ones who live far away want to keep close and spend some time wandering around with you.

The world is wide, so it's no wonder that you're having so much trouble deciding on where to go. After a long week, you need a serious escape — and you and your cousin should consider one of these seven trips for a weekend well-spent.

Burlington, VT
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If you're looking for some peace and quiet, then I suggest you take a little road trip up to Burlington, VT. You and your cousin can always agree that your family can be a bit much at times. Honestly, though, does anybody have one that's totally normal? So, a weekend spent in a place with some spotty service will help you disconnect from all the drama and make some solid memories, too.

Plan your trip for the early spring when the farmer's market is bustling, and pop into all the bookstores with a cone of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. You'll want to take a moment or two to relax near Lake Champlain, too. With the mountains in the distance, and swings that line the sidewalks, it's all so quaint and artsy. Take it from my personal experience.

The White Mountains, NH
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Quite literally take a hike this weekend, and reach new altitudes with your favorite family member. If you're not the adventurous type, then anything outdoors might not be the trip for you. But, you've been stuck inside with winter weather for so long, and it's time to get out of your comfort zone and see what natural wonders this world has to offer.

Stay at one of the mountain resorts, or explore the waterfalls and trails on your own time. Mount Lafayette is just one of many peaks you can check out on your weekend getaway if you're an experienced hiker. Just be sure to pack a water bottle no matter what you do, and know that the sky is the limit. Drake would seriously approve of these #views.

Philadelphia, PA
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Set your sights on Philly if you're looking for a weekend getaway that is full of good vibes. There are a lot of cities out there that are worth exploring — but you and your cousin won't be able to get enough of this place that's filled with dedicated sports fans and friendly people. From art museums to historical symbols like the Liberty Bell, there's a lot worth seeing and you might need to book two trips to squeeze it all in.

Spend an afternoon in Philadelphia's Magic Gardens and snap a few pictures for social media amongst the mosaics. You and your cousin both love the amount of culture that comes with a city. And lucky for you, this spot has an unlimited number of cheesesteaks, too. Next stop, Scranton?

Chicago, IL
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So many people stop in Chicago for layovers, but this weekend, you'll both want to escape to this city and spend a little time here, too. Truth is, there's a whole lot to see in the state of Illinois, and you've been in serious need of a new skyline. You'll want to see a game at Wrigley Field, and have at least one deep dish pizza. If Joey from Friends didn't live in New York City, he'd probably have all his sights set on this place and its legendary 'za.

Of course, you'll want to wander to Millennium Park while you're there, as well, and see The Bean in all its glory. You and your cousin turned travel buddy will be saying it's bean a good time for many years to come.

Clearwater, FL
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Maybe a beach trip is more your style, and you two will put Clearwater, FL in the books. Ever since you graduated college, one of the things you've missed the most is spring break and being able to jet-set to someplace tropical in the middle of March. You can relive all of those moments and make even better memories amongst a new set of palms in this sunny place.

Located in the Tampa Bay area, Clearwater is the ideal spot for cousins who love the sand and surf. Spend your morning laying near the water, and check out the aquarium in the afternoon to see all kinds of dolphins and sea turtles before they get sent back into the wild. It's the refreshing weekend you need after such a long week.

Zion National Park, UT
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If you're closer to the West Coast, you'll want to spend your weekend with your cousin adventuring in a national park. Between Utah and Arizona, there's all sorts of red rock that's worth your attention, but Zion National Park will give you that much-needed experience and escape. When you're stuck in an office all day long, it's easy to lose your perspective and sense of adventure. Life doesn't have to be so dull, and you'll want to take a cool hike to remember what else is out there.

Prep this trip a little in advance so you know what trails you want to take, and follow your feet through the sandstone cliffs. The most adventurous of cousins will love a bit of an outdoorsy challenge.

Laguna Beach, CA
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Weekends instantly put us in the mood for summertime because they bring out our best and brightest selves. And you and your cousin might be looking for a place that's basically paradise to wash your week away. Laguna Beach isn't just the set for some of our favorite Lauren Conrad moments, and you'll want to see all the sand and surf for yourself.

Pack some snacks and put on your best playlists and take a ride down the Pacific Coast Highway. There's so much opportunity for fun and new friendships in Orange County, and being beach bound is always a good idea.

Adventuring on the weekends is kind of like it's own form of self-care because it lets you live your best life as a 20-something and leave your stress behind. The palms are waiting for you, and so are the most amazing weekend escapes with your cousin. It's gonna be sweet — if I do say so myself.