7 Things To Do At Home This Summer When Your BFFs Are Traveling & You're Bored

Summer is officially in season, but you're already finding yourself bored. Your plan for the next few months has just been to work and save some money, so unfortunately, you don't have any trips in the books. But, that didn't stop your besties from buying planet tickets to tropical destinations and island hopping in Greece. They'll be gone for weeks at a time, and you're wondering what you could possibly do while they're gone. Don't fret: There are some things to do at home this summer that'll be just as fun for while your BFFs are traveling the world.

Sure, you're not getting your passport stamped, but who likes packing, anyway? Your besties are going to be trying to stuff everything they own into a suitcase and battling lines at the airport early in the morning. Yuck! No thanks. See, your summer is better already.

The key is to start looking at the bright side of things, and all of the activities you can do right in your hometown. You may be tired of going to the same 'ole diner, but what about trying a few new spots? Maybe instead of hitting up the lake house next weekend, you road trip to a new town for the day. The options are actually endless; you just have to be willing to get a bit creative and happy with what you have right now. These seven things will keep you busy this summer, and ensure some fun in the sun.

Go Hiking

When in doubt, hike it out. Getting outside is crucial to making sure you have lots of fun in the sun this summer. Sometimes, when you're bored, it's so easy to just stay inside and resort to your favorite reruns on Netflix. While your best friends are away, challenge yourself to take on some new trails. Even if it means taking a bit of a drive to a waterfall, or finding new local spots, you'll be grateful to have gone outdoors.

Learn A New Language

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? Well, now is your time. This summer, you may be putting all the books away, but don't shun them entirely if you're trying to not be bored. Yes, any material from this past semester truly needs to be out of sight. But, picking up a little dictionary of Italian words will put you well on your way to being bilingual.

All of your besties will be traveling abroad, but you'll basically be there with them. You're just soaking up the culture from the comfort of your bed. Is that so bad?

Read The Latest Books

Summertime always calls for some beach reads. You've spent so much of that past few months reading textbooks that definitely were not for pleasure. So, now you have the time to pick up some poetry or a light-hearted story about a girl who moves to New York City to pursue her dream job. Let's be honest, that already sounds so much better than being bored.

You'll escape into entirely different worlds and lives of other people, simply by immersing yourself in the words. Some vacations you really don't have to go far, and the latest books for the summer will truly leave you refreshed and relaxed.

Host A Pool Party

Odds are, not all of your friends are going to be gone at the same time. So, host a pool party for whoever is still around. You could get some cute floats shaped like flamingos or popsicles to pose with for social media, and of course, get all the snacks. When the day is said and done, you may even start a bonfire and have some s'mores with your besties by your side.

Go To A Brewery

There are so many things to do this summer that don't involve drinking. But, if you're 21 or older, you may want to hit up a brewery to try some new flavors while your friends are away. They'll be trying gourmet dishes around the world, so it's only right that you treat yourself to a hoppy time, as well.

Nowadays, there are hubs for beer everywhere you go, and you honestly may need to save a few weekends to see them all. Bring along a family member, and be sure to pack some snacks or even a deck of cards. It will be a summer day well-spent.

Take Up Photography

Sometimes, you get the most FOMO from the pictures you see on social media. Your favorite travel bloggers are seeing the world and posing in front of palm trees in Bali. But, taking up photography and learning how to use a camera is actually a really cool skill to have. Not to mention, you'll get all sorts of fun #content for your feed, and probably feel like your missing out on a lot less. Even if you just get really good at working with a Polaroid, you'll have some fun photos from the summer that you can look back on when it's winter again.

Have A Barbecue With The Fam

Get your grill on this summer. Burgers, hot dogs, and all the potato salad in-between are calling your name so that you aren't so bored, despite being without your BFFs. Especially with Fourth of July around the corner, this is the perfect time to gather your fam and spend some quality time with your siblings. You're all getting older, and may not be able to see each other nearly as much as you would have before. Playing a round of badminton or two in the backyard, and hanging with your parents might actually be a refreshing and memorable way to spend your summer.