10 Things You Should Be Doing This Summer Instead Of Drinking

Girls just want to have fun in the sun. Some of us wait all winter for the warmer weather, and just can't wait to break out those flip-flops and beach towels. We take off to tropical places to chill on the beach, and make plans for camping trips and bonfires with our besties. It is too much to ask for summer to be a year-round season? Living our best lives means we need so much more sunshine and vitamin sea, and if you're 21 or older, you may be looking for things to do without drinking this summer, so that you can make the most of these next few months.

Don't get me wrong, rooftop bars in the city and sipping on margaritas can be pretty sweet, especially when you're surround by your crew. But your favorite breweries will still be around when it's fall and all the leaves have changed. The world has totally gone green, and the days are so much longer. Do you want to spend them making memories and going on adventures, or sitting on a stool waiting to be served?

Personally, I'd rather be outdoors and diving head first into days by the lake instead. Summer should be about disconnecting from our screens, and finding social situations that don't necessarily require a tequila sunrise. These 10 things will make sure you and your girl crew are truly making the most of summertime, and having fun in the sun.


When you're pulling out your bathing suits, be sure to track down your hiking boots, too. You'll need them this summer if you're truly going to get outside and soak up the beauty of your surroundings. Maybe there are a couple of trails nearby, or you'll take a road trip to a lovely waterfall that's tucked away in the woods. You might not be the most adventurous, or love being one with the bugs. But, hiking will ease you into the earth and take you to some new heights as well.


Did somebody say s'mores? All of those episodes of Survivor will come in handy this summer when you go camping with your girl crew. You'll rent a fully outfitted Jeep Wrangler, or purchase a tent and sleeping bag for yourself, and spend a night under the stars. Sure, cracking a cold one on a Saturday afternoon can be refreshing, but there's nothing quite like staring up at the galaxy and singing campfire songs to recharge your soul.

Go On A Road Trip

Road trips will just never get old. You may have hit the highway with your friends for spring break, or considered renting a camper van and seeing the dreamiest spots along the California coastline. Summer is the time to put all of that wanderlust into actual plans. You likely already have a playlist or two on Spotify that will be perfect for long hours in the car, and packing snacks will be essential. The only question you have to ask is, "Where to?"

Have A Photo Shoot

Head to the beach or an outdoor cafe to strike a pose, because your social media is in serious need of a photo shoot this summer. You've been waiting for an opportunity to use your Polaroid camera, or just have a blogger friend who would love to capture some cute pics. Lucky for you, she knows exactly what angles you need to get.

Hang Out In The City

Cities can be the best spots to see in the summertime. Leave it to Los Angeles or New York to always be bustling, no matter what time of the year it is, but figuring out the subway and walking miles between Central Park and the Flatiron Building is better when it's not raining or really cold outside. You'll be tempted to hit up happy hour when your friends get off work. The yellow taxis and endless restaurants leave you with quite the list of things to do, though, that don't require drinking.

Travel Abroad

The experiences you have traveling abroad for the first time will surely make this a summer to remember. Maybe you studied abroad for a semester and have seen lots of Europe, or are a Sagittarius with a regularly stamped passport. Your bucket list is likely still so long, and your wanderlust is way too real. You've been hoping to see the beaches of Thailand, or try scones in England. Hopping on a plane instead of sipping piña coladas is necessary to make the most of these few months.

Get Ice Cream

You want the scoop on the best thing to do with your friends this summer without drinking? Well, let me tell you, it's all about ice cream. Sure, you could enjoy this treat any time of the year. But, when it's 80 degrees outside, you seriously need a soft serve with some rainbow sprinkles. The lines at your favorite creamery will be long, but it'll be worth the wait. Not to mention, your cone will make an appearance on social media and bring that summer fun right onto your feed.

Host A Pool Party

Diving head first into summer fun doesn't always mean drinking, and let's be honest, the best parties involve a pool. Sometime during these next few months, you'll want to gather up your girls and spend some time relaxing by water that isn't necessarily at the beach. You'll want to make sure you have some cool pool floats on hand, like one shaped as a unicorn or the most perfect pineapple, and you might even break out the barbecue food. Fun in the sun is better with besties.

Make Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, you just have to make lemonade — and I don't mean a full visual album just like Beyoncé. Seriously, what's more refreshing in the summer than a cold glass of something just a little sweet and also a little bitter? Growing up, you may have had a lemonade stand with your neighbors, or just hosted family parties where this drink was a staple. You can't go the next few months without this main squeeze, and alcohol would only ruin it.

Hit The Beach

When in doubt, hit the beach this summer to make the most of the sunshine and surf. The world just blooms when it's nice out, and people seem happier after spending a day in the sunshine. Experiencing the waves and the wonderful saturated sky of a sunset this time of year is hard to pass up. So, why settle for just another night at the bar, when you could soak up every single ray and then have a bonfire with your besties? The coastline is calling your name, and so is a summer full of fun without drinking.