How To Make The Most Of Your Summer, If You've Landed Your First Job

The season of campfires, s'mores, and getting sun-kissed is here. You've pulled out your bikinis, and planned a few weekend trips with your besties. Wearing sundresses to work is your go-to, and you're slipping on some sandals between meetings, too. If you've landed your first job, you're likely wondering how to make the most of your summer. You're already getting sad watching the sunshine through the window, and wondering what it would be like at the beach. There's no four-month-long vacation in the real world, and you need some tips to cope.

How are you supposed to get your sunbathing on when you're sitting in the air conditioning all day? You're actually bringing sweaters and blankets to work because it's so cold, and it might as well be winter. You and your coworkers have no motivation to get those projects done, and you're taking slightly longer lunch breaks so you can soak up the sun.

You remember the days when you'd spend all of June at summer camp, and wonder if there's a time machine invented yet to take you back. This is your first job, so you want to love every bit of it. But, being inside really is the worst when the weather is warm. Finding a happy medium between the two is key to making the most of your summer and still rocking it at your first big girl job. So, I suggest you try one of these seven things ASAP.

Take Your Work To A Different Location

Cafés and coffee shops are calling your name this summer if you've just landed your first job. Sure, your work may be something you can't take out of the office. But, if you're able to bring your laptop to different locations, then you absolutely should while it's sunny.

Find an aesthetically-pleasing place with Wi-Fi and outdoor seating, and hang there for the day. Work isn't so bad when you're drinking a fruit smoothie, and you'll likely feel more energized and inspired for those big projects, too. Even if it's just for a Monday morning, or a casual Friday afternoon, a change in scenery will do you so much good.

Make Plans For After Work With Friends

Landing your first job is a lot of learning about work-life balance. You want to absolutely crush it now that you're starting your career. But, you have to know when you deserve to take a break and live your life. You weren't put on this planet just to solely sit in an office and pay rent checks. So, making plans after work with friends — especially during the summer — will be the sweetest way to spend your free time.

Odds are, they're all sitting in an office and wishing they were outdoors as well. They'll love an invite to go hiking when 5 p.m. hits, or even hit up happy hour. The opportunities to make memories are still endless.

Spend Your Weekends Outside

Long live the weekend. You don't necessarily want to be spending your entire work week just wishing for Saturday and Sunday to come. But, when those two days do roll around, you have to make the most of them. Pick one day to be a little lazy — after all, there are still some chores to do, and you need to catch up on Shark Week. The other will be all about adventure.

Maybe you'll hang at the beach with your besties, or go stargazing with your significant other because the sky is clear. On long weekends, like Memorial Day, you could totally take a quick road trip, or spend a night in the city. Making memories when you can will help you feel like you're still getting the best out of summer.

Get Active In The Morning

In this situation, the early bird catches just a bit more of summer. When you've landed your first job, mornings can be such a struggle. You're likely still getting used to waking up early, and have a routine that always includes a pit stop at your local coffee shop. There have been days when you've laid in bed a little too long, and had to skip out on your ice coffee. Honestly, doing anything before your alarm goes off seems impossible.

If you want to make the most of your summer, getting active just after sunrise is the way to go. Truth is, life begins before 9 a.m., just like there are happy hours after 5 p.m. Get to sleep a little earlier, and wake up for a walk or jog before work. It's amazing how your mindset and day will change for the better just because you're soaking up some extra time and sun.

Use Your Lunch Break To Explore

Take your food to go, and use your lunch break to explore this summer. Landing your first job might have meant moving to a new city, or at least hanging out in a different side of town. You've located the closest Starbucks to your office, and know what's around the block pretty well. But, some of the best spots are still waiting to be found.

There are restaurants, coffee shops, and probably a few parks, too, that are totally worth checking out when you have the free time. You and your work wife bonded over the past few months, and she'll make for the best adventure buddy during these lunch break excursions.

Put Plants On Your Desk

Who says summer has to stay outside? Putting plants in your workstation is so necessary. You're spending most of your day indoors, and are in serious need of some fresh air. A small bouquet of daisies will brighten up your day, and bring the best of the sunniest season of the year into your office. Seriously, whatever florals you find will surely be your best buds.

Get A Side Job For Summer

When you're working all week, the last thing on your mind is probably picking up another job. You've spent Monday through Friday sitting in an office building, or glued to your laptop screen. Why would you ever sign yourself up for something else on the side? Hear me out.

Getting a side job for the summertime that lets you spend time outside can be a great way to make the most of your time. Maybe you pick up a single shift at a flower shop on weeknights, or work at an ice cream shop down by the beach on Saturdays. A change of pace can be so refreshing, and puts your mind elsewhere.

Not to mention, you'd be making some extra cash to fund all of those marshmallows you need for s'mores. Now, that's a pretty sweet way to make the most of your summer.