The Best Beach Reads To Pack With Your Sunnies & Sea Salt Spray This Season

Hitting the books is so much better when you're on the beach. You have your besties by your side, and the surf just a few feet away. Seriously, is there any summer setting that could be better? *Takes a second to think about it, and realizes that there really is not.* The semester is over, which means that you finally have some time for the things you love, like picking up a book for pleasure, or playing a lively round of beach volleyball. The best beach reads 2018 will be essential to pack with your sunnies and sea salt spray this season. Don't forget that sunscreen, too!

Those late nights at the library have seriously ruined reading for you. You'll spend hours going over PDFs and study guides on your laptop, that by the time someone hands you a book, you're completely uninterested. Summertime is a different story, though. You love picking up those lighthearted novels that always take place in cute beach towns on the East Coast, or maybe even enjoy some poetry. It's like a getaway, without having to buy the plane tickets.

This summer, you'll have an unlimited amount of beach days, purely to soak up as much sun as possible. You already have your towel ready, and also have a few cute bathing suits. Your bucket list includes reading at least a couple of stories just 'cause, and not worrying about anything but the waves. These books should for sure be on your reading radar.

'The Sun And Her Flowers,' By Rupi Kaur
'Playing With Matches,' By Hannah Orenstein
'Hello, Sunshine,' By Laura Dave
'When Life Gives You Lululemons,' By Lauren Weisberger
'Modern Lovers,' By Emma Straub
'Sweetbitter,' By Stephanie Danler
'The Woman In Cabin 10,' By Ruth Ware
'Something In The Water: A Novel,' By Catherine Steadman