7 Unique Fourth Of July Traditions To Start With Your Girls Now & Continue Forever

Once the Fourth of July rolls around, it truly feels like summer. There's nothing better than taking time off from work to celebrate the USA, soak up some rays at the beach, and partake in festive activities with your favorite people. If you want to try something new this year, revamp your usual barbecue celebrations and come up with a few unique Fourth of July traditions to start with your friends now, and continue forever.

July 4 is all about celebrating with your nearest and dearest, so why not use this special day to ditch your work planner, sip on something refreshing, and just have a great time? You deserve some fun in the sun, and although your holiday festivities may not be as star-studded as Taylor Swift's, they most certainly will be filled with a bunch of new memories, lots of love, and (hopefully) plenty of red, white, and blue shots to go around (if you're in the 21 and up crew).

I'd say it's about time to get ready to embrace the good vibes and tan lines. Enjoy the start of whichever new traditions you and your squad want to partake in (just don't forget to play some awesome tunes, too).

Go Water Rafting
Micky Wiswedel/Stocksy

Kick off July 4 by going on a white water rafting excursion with your closest pals. Whether you're feeling adventurous enough to try white water rafting, or you'd rather keep it on the relaxing side, kayaking down a calm river, this tradition with the squad will be one for the books.

Host A Red, White, And Blue-Themed Potluck
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Go beyond the basic backyard barbecue and host a red, white, and blue-themed potluck dinner. From mouthwatering patriotic desserts to boozy cocktails, have each friend bring their own signature app, drink, or dessert. Besides, what better way to celebrate the holiday than being home with your friends?

Go To An Outdoor Concert
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There are a ton of festivals and concerts happening all summer long, and Independence Day is no exception. 'Tis the season of free events with live music and food trucks (and you can likely find them right in your hometown or a nearby city). Bring a big blanket and some wine, and check out your local park or venue to see what they're offering.

Go On A Road Trip

There's no such thing as a bad road trip if you're doing it with an awesome playlist and even better friends. Plus, the best thing about taking a little road trip is the actual car ride itself. Cruise with the widows rolled down, make a few pit stops for the 'Gram, and enjoy every second of the cool breeze blowing through your hair.

Have A Boozy Picnic Brunch
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Instead of the traditional brunch outing on a Sunday morning, head to the local park for a picnic. Bring the sangria, mimosas, and brunch favorites (I suggest bagels and chocolate-covered strawberries), and make a DIY breakfast station to kick off the day's festivities.

Head To A Wine Tasting

Round up your girlfriends and head to a local winery or two. Enjoy the outdoors, order some fresh cheese and apps, and get ready to toast the day away. Don't forget to wear your cutest sundresses for a sweet Instagram story among the vines, because pics or it didn't happen.

Have A Clam Bake Party
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In my opinion, having a clam bake is one of the most quintessential ways to ring in the warm weather. If you're located by the beach, even better. Satisfy your love for shellfish by hosting an Insta-worthy soirée on the sand, with a brew in hand.

Whichever tradition you choose to follow with your girlfriends, it's all about enjoying the moment, loving your people, and making new memories for many years to come. Bring on the heat, and get ready for some pretty epic Fourth of July plans.