7 Truly Embarrassing Things You'd Only Do In Front Of Your Cousin

You and your cousin are basically besties. You don't need to seal it with a pinky promise, or make a pact for life. It's just kind of this known thing between the two of you. She's your main squeeze, and you really wouldn't want it any other way. The embarrassing things you do in front of your cousin, in particular, are probably what make you so close. Let's be honest: You wouldn't have those moments with anyone else. *Blushes even at the idea of it.*

Yes, I suppose if you want to get technical, she's your family member, but she's also your favorite one to hang out with. (Don't tell the others, OK?) Growing up and all of those holiday get-togethers would've been so different without her. She taught you that the slices of pizza are truly the best appetizer, and that since you're the youngest, you can get away with asking to open presents before dinner. Truth is, she's always considered you her sidekick, too.

Even growing up in different states didn't really stop you from becoming the best of friends. You and your mom would road trip to her place for barbecues in the summertime, and now you and your cousin are planning trips of your own. There are so many more memories to be made, am I right? Just be prepared for these seven embarrassing things you'll likely do along the way. It's OK, because she's your bestie, after all.

You Copy Her Outfits

Let's be honest: Your cousin's style rocks. Since your cousin likely lives in a different town or doesn't hang with the same crowd of people, you figured you wouldn't have to worry about showing up with the same look. But, you've had a few embarrassing moments when it was clear you totally copied her closet. Whoops! She takes it as a compliment, though, and is sure to give you dibs when she's going through her wardrobe.

You Get Way Too Excited For Adventures

Can I really blame you for this one? Sometimes when there's an adventure in the books, you can't help but get so, so excited. You count down the days with an app on your phone, and spend your days at work scrolling through Pinterest and catching up on the latest travel vlogs so you know the scoop on the most underrated spots. The fact that you're taking a road trip with your cousin makes it even better. Honestly, you might just explode from pure joy, and you're not even embarrassed, because this girl is your bestie.

You Pose For Social Media Like Pros

Nobody hypes you up like your cousin, who is basically your best friend. She's probably your biggest fan in life, and she shows it the most when it comes to social media. When you two are out and about having an adventure, she'll be sure to get those candid shots for you. She'll go to all lengths for the 'Gram, and make sure that she's capturing your best angles and everything. It can be embarrassing getting these snaps out in public, but she's always encouraging your selfies. Not to mention, your #content always comes out looking fire, too.

You Imitate One Of Your Family Members

Over the years, you've seen the same kinds of relatives at holiday parties. So, you could probably do an impression of any single one of your aunts and uncles, and it would be spot-on. You'd mimic their gestures, or just predict exactly what they're going to do from the second they show up — most likely, late. Your cousin would laugh hysterically, despite the fact that it's sort of an embarrassing moment for everyone involved. Should you just start your comedy career now? Probably.

You Break Out Your Old Games

Remember the days when you and your cousin used to play Candy Land? Well, they aren't quite over. Likely at one point or another, you'll pull out those old games again and get way too into it. You'll all snag the pieces that you called dibs on years ago, and spend hours in front of the screen making sure PacMan doesn't get eaten by the ghosts. Call it a walk down nostalgia lane, or a somewhat embarrassing moment — either way, your cousin is the only one you'd want to share something like this with.

You Talk About Your Crushes

Your cousin, despite the fact that she's your best friend, might not hang in the same crew as you. So, you have no problem completely gushing over your crushes in front of her, even though it's a bit embarrassing. She'll ask you about that person in your class you mentioned over text, and you'll immediately start blushing. You can't help it, and will talk about how you talked for the first time the other day like it's a major milestone.

You Laugh So Hard, That You Snort

This girl is your best friend, because nobody makes you laugh like her. She doesn't even need to necessarily be in the room, and she'll find a way to have you rolling on the floor. Over the years, she's figured out your sense of humor, so she knows exactly what memes will brighten your day. Laughing so hard that you snort or cackle really isn't ever out of the question.

There are so many reasons why your cousin is the best friend you'll ever have, but the embarrassing things you do in front of her will forever seal the deal.