Why Your Cousin Is The Best Friend You'll Ever Have

The phrase "best friends forever" includes your family. Growing up, I remember I had one of those bracelets with a girl from my hometown that was a split heart. She had one half, and I had the other, and we'd wear them every day just to prove that we were besties. At the time, it really felt like that's what bonded us for life, and I've had a lot of people come into my life since then who feel more like family that I chose, than friends. But, there are a few reasons why your cousin is the best friend you'll ever have. She started as family, but now she's irreplaceable because she's your bestie, too.

Imagine what family parties would be like without your cousin. For one, who would sit at the "kid's table" with you? Your relatives are quite the crew, but your most memorable moments have been when you and your cousin opened up presents around the holidays, caused mischief on the annual family camping trip, or went swimming in your backyard.

She may have grown up in a different state or even another country, but that's only made your relationship with her an adventure. You love taking road trips to see her, and have probably had a few sleepovers. Your aunt would always whip up the best snacks while you played outside, and now that you're grown, you're finding new and exciting ways to get together. These seven things are what make her the best friend you'll ever have. Trust me on this one, OK?

She Brings Up Your Embarrassing Stories

Only true friends will bring up your most embarrassing stories. Let's be honest, there are some truly brutal ones that you've tried to keep quiet for years now. But, you can always count on your besties (and cousins) to remind you of the time you wore that ridiculous outfit to the family party, or told the barista to enjoy their coffee, too. Oops!

Through the years, you'll have so many more of these moments, and your cousin will probably be there when it happens just the same. Some things she knows is just between you two, but others are fair game. Just the fact that you can be embarrassed together proves that you're besties for life, though.

She's The Best Travel Buddy

Your cousin is by far one of the coolest people to travel with. Unlike your siblings, she doesn't quite get on your nerves as much, and already has so many unique adventures of her own. Maybe when you were kids, you took family vacations together, but now that you're older, you'll be hitting the road all on your own.

You'll pack up your car and drive through her state to pick her up before checking out those dreamy spots along the California coastline, or going camping for a weekend. Your friends make pretty good travel buddies, but your cousin will always be the best.

She Lets You Raid Her Closet

Sharing really is caring, and your cousin will be the best friend you'll ever have, because she'll totally let you raid her closet until the end of time. Even if it's just cute hand-me-downs, or vintage pieces that she got from one of your other family members, you're always feeling lucky to get a touch of her style in your own wardrobe.

Personally, my cousins are some of the most fashionable people I know. I get a lot of my own outfit inspiration from their boho and artsy looks. Your bestie should always be somebody who inspires you in some way, and with your cousin, this may start with what they wear and pass down from their personal runway.

She Understands Your Family Drama

The best part about your cousin is that she's not just your friend; she's your family. So, when there's drama going on, she knows exactly what you're going through. Odds are, she was at the holiday party when it all went down, or just knows your siblings well enough to give some solid advice. You're honestly always grateful to have her around as a listening ear amongst your family, and as a bestie when you need one the most.

She's Blunt About Growing Up

Leave it to your cousin to never beat around the bush. To me, I think you know you're best friends with someone when you can be blunt. You're either straight up telling them that the outfit they picked out just isn't cute, or being honest about what they deserve out of a relationship. Either way, it's meant with the best intentions. But, your cousin, in particular, will forever be the best at telling you the truth about growing up.

If she's older, then she's been there and done that. She'll tell you that living at home isn't so bad after college when you're still figuring things out, and that learning to cook is absolutely a good idea. Sometimes having her around to help you navigate the real world is exactly what you need.

She'll Always Challenge You

Growing up, your cousin might have messed with you a bit. Your fam would have scavenger hunts, or play capture the flag, and she'd somehow switch up the rules, just make it a little harder. It was all in good fun, and you'd mess with her right back, just like you would with your siblings. Nowadays, you're appreciating those little challenges even more, and realize that you wouldn't be exactly where you are today without your main squeeze.

She taught you to toughen up a bit, and think differently. She'd look out for you every step of the way, but also challenge you to get a bit out of your comfort zone. That's what besties are for, right?

She's Your Number One Fan

Your cousin is always going to be there to cheer you on, and that's what constantly makes her the best friend you'll ever have. Up until this point, she might not have even needed to be living in the same town to show her support, and it's truly meant the world to you every step of the way.

She understands your wildest dreams, and will maybe help you pursue them. Your cousin will be the one who will listen to your ideas and give you the confidence to chase after them, when everybody else is placing obstacles in your way. She won't necessarily be wearing a foam finger or anything, but you know that she's the best friend you'll ever have for this reason and many more.