These Cozy Airbnbs In New England Are Perfect For Sweater Weather & Cute #Content

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Every year when summer is slowing down and I'm flipping through the pages for August in my planner, my brain goes into #fallmode. I begin thinking about football games, campfire nights, and warm mugs of hot chocolate to come. I start imagining the dreamy days I'm going to spend at the orchard with my besties, and the apple cider and cinnamon doughnuts I'm inevitably going to order. The bathing suits, sandals, and sundresses in my closet start to feel so last season, and I anxiously await the upcoming weekend trips I have planned to the Instagram-worthy and cozy Airbnbs in New England.

Have you put together a detailed itinerary for a fall vacation yet? I sure hope so. Soon enough, the leaves on the East Coast will be vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow, and you won't want to miss it. You'll want to grab your camera, a tote filled with sweaters and hiking boots, and a thermos for your coffee, and escape to the mountains and cities of this beautiful area of the country. You'll want to ditch your apps for the sounds of the ocean and twinkling lights on a dreamy treehouse.

Most importantly, you'll want to spend a night basking in the stars or making s'mores with your besties at one of these cozy Airbnbs. Spoiler alert: They're perfect for sweater weather and taking cute pics, so pack and clear your camera roll accordingly.

This House Is Made For Beach Lovers In Lisbon, Maine

The first of these cozy Airbnbs in New England is a house in Lisbon, Maine, that's made for beach lovers. Located near walking trails and the bustling city of Portland, it's the perfect fit for you and your besties who might not be ready to let go of summer quite yet. A coffee maker, Wi-Fi, bathroom necessities, full kitchen, and more are included.

When you arrive, you'll immediately notice the design and decor. You'll nudge your bestie and say, "Oh my god, so cute," when you see the seashells in frames, blue-striped pillows, and aqua-colored mugs. You'll pull out your camera and announce to the group you're taking cute pics in, like, five minutes.

This Tiny Cottage Is Ready For Fall In Putney, Vermont

One of the most boldly written items on your bucket list right now might be to stay in a tiny house. You want to spend a weekend taking naps in a loft bed and eating your favorite snacks in a one-of-a-kind living situation. Well, what if I told you those dreams can come true this fall at this charming cottage in Putney, Vermont? *Cue the squeals.*

That's right. You and your besties can pack up your car and drive to the state known for its green mountains, maple syrup, and picturesque lakes.

This Guesthouse With A Sauna In Sandwich, Massachusetts, Is Just Too Cute

Growing up, you might have gone on vacation in Cape Cod. Your family may have stayed in a cottage near the beach and spent a week doing puzzles, exploring mini golf courses, and taking long walks to the local bakeries and ice cream shops. To this day, those are some of your fondest memories, and ones you'd love to relive or recreate with your BFFs.

You may have thought about renting a place in the peak of summer, but you didn't want to deal with the large crowds. I don't blame you. That's why I'd suggest booking this magical guesthouse in Sandwich, Massachusetts, for a weekend this fall. According to the Airbnb listing, it was once a barn, but is now a loft that includes amenities such as a sauna and beautiful kitchen. What more could you ask for?

This Treehouse Has All The #Views In Georgetown, Maine

When you're booking a place to stay on any trip, you always take the #views into consideration. You ask the concierge at the hotel if the room you're reserving is on the same side as the ocean, or allows you to wake up to sunshine and the tall skyscrapers of the city. Taking a weekend trip this fall will be no different.

You'll scour the web and look for a penthouse at a good price or one that gives you a glimpse of the changing leaves. Don't waste your time and money, OK? Book a night at this treehouse in Georgetown, Maine. It'll be everything you're looking for — I pinky promise.

This Trendy Penthouse Was Made For You And Your BFFs In Boston, Massachusetts

Typically, when you think about going on vacation or a relaxing getaway with your BFFs, you may steer clear of busy cities. That's because you spend so much of your time navigating subway stations and dodging busy commuters and travelers on the sidewalks. You want to eliminate the noise and chaos, and feel cozy in your surroundings instead.

This fall, I suggest you change your mindset and check out this trendy penthouse in Boston, Massachusetts. It's located right near the best entertainment, nightlife, and restaurants in the area, and will score you some quality #content for your Instagram.

This Modern And Instagram-Worthy Cottage Is Calling Your Name In Portland, Maine

When you think about sweater weather, what comes to mind? For me, it's watching my favorite movies while bundled up in blankets, making homemade soup for lunch, and taking bubble baths that are infused with lavender essential oil. I also think about piles of leaves, and cottages like this modern place in Portland, Maine.

It feels straight out of my daydreams or a romantic comedy I'd happily watch over and over again. With its rustic kitchen, indoor fireplace, and close proximity to Bradbury Mountain State Park, it's where I want to spend all of my weekends this fall. Can you say, "Same?"

This Airstream Is For True Adventurers In Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Last but not least, if you and your BFFs are feeling particularly adventurous going into fall, you need to book a few nights in this airstream in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. It's been saved to my "wishlist" for a while now because of its vintage and dreamy atmosphere and amazing reviews. I think you'll love it as much as you love apple cider donuts. (Bold statement, I know.)

The second you arrive, you'll be so excited about the cute spots you can take pics, from the bed in the back of the Airbnb to the entrance of the campgrounds. You'll put on your go-to sweater, and might take a drive to a local vineyard. When all is said and done, you'll want to book another fall weekend trip. If you ask me, that's perfectly OK.

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