7 Cute Cabins On Airbnb For A Fall Weekender, Because The Snuggle's Real

There's something to be said for fall getaways. Most of the time, you likely think of vacation as going somewhere tropical during the summer. You'll hop on a plane, get your passport stamped, and post pictures from beaches with white sand. Well, what if you swapped out all of those bikinis for cozy sweaters, and took a break from the usual hustle and bustle? You'll still make an endless amount of s'mores, but spend your days relaxing amongst the redwoods. Cute cabins on Airbnb, like the ones I picked out on this list, are perfect for your fall weekender trip. Just pack your bags (and some hot apple cider), and hit the road.

The snuggle is real when you're living life in a cabin. You don't go a minute without a warm fire or some sunshine coming in through the windows. During the day, you might go hiking on the nearby trails or explore the town that's just a few minutes away. You'll grab dinner in the city, and then resort back to a slower pace and so much serenity.

Especially this time of the year, you need to recharge. You're tired from the past few months, and once winter comes, you won't want to leave the house. Sure, you'll go on a ski trip and cuddle up with your mittens and snow pants, but that's not quite the same as waking up to the vibrant hues of fall leaves right outside your door. These seven cabins are everything you need for a weekend well-spent.

1. This Cozy Cabin Amongst The California Redwoods


The coast of California has a lot of dreamy spots. (I mean, have you seen those waterfalls and piers along the Pacific Coast Highway.) But, this cozy cabin in the woods may be the sweetest place to stay, especially for a weekend in the fall.

Just a short drive to the Sonoma Coast, and a little under two hours away from San Francisco, this home is comfortable and completely off the grid. There's no TV or microwave, and when it rains, you'll be able to hear it roll down the roof. (Let's be honest: Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation would totally approve.)

2. This Rustic Log Cabin Near Lake Tahoe


Surround yourself with nature at this rustic log cabin near Lake Tahoe. You'll look outside your window and see mountains and pine trees, and be greeted by the warmth of the wood paneling. (Are we in an episode of a show on HGTV?)

This cabin fits eight guests, so you may want to consider renting it with your girl crew. You could all use a getaway right in the middle of the semester, or the busiest season at work. Even a weekend tucked away with the water where you can have barbecues in the backyard, would be enough to feel recharged and relaxed.

3. This Luxury Cabin That Has A Hot Tub (Yes, Please!)


Have you ever seen something so aesthetically-pleasing? Personally, I'm not so surprised that a luxury cabin like this one is designed to be picture-perfect. But, the beauty and artsy touch that's been added to every room certainly makes this an ideal spot for your fall getaway.

Even just glancing at the pictures, you can imagine yourself sitting on a rustic bar stool, and eating breakfast in the middle of Sundance. In the afternoon, you'd take a dip in the hot tub and let all of you worries wash away. Sometimes, a taste of the luxurious lifestyle is exactly what you need before you get back to reality.

4. This Tiny House In The Heart Of A Big City


Staying in a tiny house might be on your bucket list, and this fall it's time to check it off. At first, you weren't sure how'd you live in such a small space. But, for a couple of days in the middle of September, you can picture yourself doing just fine. This log cabin-esque home is situated in West Seattle, so you'll be able to explore all day long.

You'll want to take a water taxi to the nearby restaurants, and spend your mornings trying the local brew. The Pacific Northwest can be a great place to visit, and this city is known for its coffee culture.

5. This Modern And Trendy House In The Hills


Leave it to Hollywood Hills to have a modern and trendy place for you to stay this fall. With views that stretch to the ocean and the sunset strip nearby, it's a different kind of cabin experience for the girl who doesn't necessarily want to break out her outdoorsy side.

Sometimes, you want to experience the stars, without being in the woods. That's fair, and the Griffith Park observatory is close to this spot for that reason. You can spend your day exploring the downtown area, and then retreat to your comfy bed and bluetooth speaker. Sound like your style? Sign me up!

6. This Mushroom Dome With A Deck In The Trees


Do you think you'd want to spend a night in a dome? This place looks cute and totally one-of-a-kind, which is probably why it's rated so highly amongst guests and users of Airbnb. It's cozy AF for a fall getaway, and a unique thing to check off your bucket list.

On the inside, it's organized sort of like a tiny house, with the bed lofted right near the windows. There's a deck that stretches into the trees, and places to hike everywhere you turn. Just be sure to book this place a bit in advance!

7. This Treehouse That's A Dream Come True


All of your treehouse dreams are coming true with this Airbnb. Located in Atlanta, it's covered in fairy lights and has a charm that'll make you want to book a fall weekend as soon as possible.

The bed fits two people, and can also be positioned on a platform that overlooks a stream. During the day, that's an ideal spot to take a nap or just stare at the clouds. When the world starts to go to sleep, you can cross the rope bridge hang with your best friend on the balcony. You couldn't ask for a better place for a getaway. Now, did anyone pack some Pumpkin Spice Lattes?