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Swap Out Your Cottagecore For These Cabincore Home Decor Picks For Fall

Make your home extra cozy with these items under $50.

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Cottagecore might be your go-to look during the spring and the summer, but when fall comes around, cabincore is probably your vibe. For anyone new to the design aesthetic, cabincore is exactly what you’d assume it to be from its name. It romanticizes living life in a cabin and favors things that are cozy and snuggly. If you’re looking to embrace this warm vibe, you may want to add a few cabincore home decor items to your living space just in time for fall.

From woven blankets to fox candle holders, the cabincore aesthetic will fit in right as the leaves on the trees outside start to turn different colors. As you’re wearing your coziest crewnecks and sippin’ on pumpkin spice lattes, you can pretend you’re in a remote cabin thanks to some flannel throw pillows and mossy mirrors. While cottagecore has more of a spring-inspired pastel and fairy tale feel to it, cabincore has a warm tone with darker colors.

If you’re thinking of how to describe cabincore versus cottagecore, think of Taylor Swift’s Evermore compared to Taylor Swift’s Folklore. If that sounds right up your alley, you’ll want to check out these 15 cabincore decor items online that match your mood. Plus, all of these items are also under $50, so you can makeover your space to give it that cabin in the woods feel without going over budget.

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First things first — you need something cozy to keep you warm for peak cabincore decor. This hand-knitted blanket is perfect for that. Wrap yourself up in this blanket as you sip on your first coffee of the day and pretend you’re waking up early in the cabin to watch the sunrise. When you’re not using it, this blanket can lay on top of your bed to make it look extra comfy.


Another way to cozy up your place is to add a few throw pillows to your couch and bed. These plaid flannel pillows from Target really fit the cabin vibe. They may even match the flannel shirts you plan to wear all fall long.


It just wouldn’t have that cabin feel without a few trees around. Add these decorative evergreens to your dresser or on top of your mantel. If you see any empty spaces on your bookshelf, fill them in with a tree or two.


You can’t go wrong with some fox decor items. Any woodland creature fits the cabincore vibe, but foxes are just extra adorable. This fox candle holder can hold your autumn scented candles, like this Lakeside Morning ($26, Bath & Body Works) scent that’ll remind you of waking up in the woods.

Bath & Body Works also has an adorable fox wall plug ($13, Bath & Body Works), fox soap holder ($25, Bath & Body Works), and fox pom hand sanitizer holder ($10, Bath & Body Works) to complete your collection.


These moss mirrors have a magical cabin feel that you need. Get one to add to your dresser or vanity. To up the ante on, get extra moss ($13, Michaels) to lay your mirror on top of with some fairy lights ($9, Amazon). It’ll give your room a major ~vibe~.


Even your storage space can have a cabincore aesthetic, thanks to this fox basket. This is perfect for things like towels or even extra throws you want to keep on hand for when the weather gets really cold. This basket can also be used for storing extra beauty products in your bathroom.


You’ll want to makeover your desk at home as well. Get a cute mushroom notebook like this one from Urban Outfitter for your daily journal. It’ll not only match your cabincore vibes, but it’ll also keep you organized.


A simple way to give your room the feel of a cabin is to add some plaid curtains to your windows. These black grandin pattern panels are easy to color-coordinate with, but there’s also a red checkered shade ($25, Riverbend Home) if that’s more your style.


Picture frames are both cozy and functional decor pieces, and this cabin panel frame fits the woodsy feel. Pick a nice family photo or a vacay pic from your squad’s trip to the cabin to feature inside. Hang it up in a central place in your room so you’ll always see it and be reminded of the good times.


Even if you live in an apartment in the middle of the city, your home can have the feeling of a cabin if you decorate it right. Welcome your guests with a mat that says exactly that. This “welcome to the cabin” mat is warm and inviting like a fresh cup of coffee. Plus, it’s practical and will make sure your friends don’t track mud or snow through your home.


For cozy sips, get yourself some wooden teacups. Anything wooden is very cabincore, and these Etsy teacups are made with jujube wood. While they can be used every day for drinking, they also double as gorgeous decor.


If you’re looking for something that is decorative and functional, check out this vintage-looking book storage. This box will not only help you tidy up your place as you decorate it, but it will also add a touch of cabincore to your bookshelf or dresser. You can store little things like jewelry, old cards, or even little trinkets inside.


Get crafty with these wooden tree slices. They can be used for a cute centerpiece on your table or as coasters in your living room. You can also stack them on your dresser with some leftover DIY forest moss surrounding them.


This super cute snail orb is the perfect piece to add to your dresser or bookshelf. You can even use it as a paperweight on your desk. If you’re looking for more snail-inspired pieces for your cabincore decore, check out this adorable succulent ($7, Amazon) and this soap dispenser ($9, Amazon) for your bathroom.


Cabincore decor wouldn’t be complete without mugs for all your pumpkin spice lattes and warm chai lattes. These handmade ceramic mugs also have a warm tone to them to match the fall colors. Just image how cozy you’ll feel hugging your mug first thing in the morning as you’re drinking coffee or tea.