A woman in a retro plaid dress sits on her bed and presses flowers in a vintage book.

12 Cottagecore Home Decor Items On Etsy That'll Turn Your Space Into A Vintage Dream


By now, you've likely seen cottagecore everywhere. From adorable Instas to Taylor Swift's folklore album, the internet's newest aesthetic is just what you're dreaming about. It's time to bring a little of that fairytale-esque feel into your personal space with some cottagecore home decor items on Etsy. If you love to embrace that rural life and wholesome vibes, it's easy to do with just the right natural prints, sweet candles, and dried flowers.

Transform your apartment so it feels cozy like a cottage in the woods. You may want to create a charming reading nook in which to savor herbal teas and enjoy great new books. Make sure you have a space in your room for DIY crafting, and a place in your backyard to be surrounded by fresh blooms and nature. Once you have these cozy spaces, fill them up with a few of these 12 cottagecore decor items from Etsy.

That way, when you're tired from dancing around in the garden and escaping into the woods, you can retreat back to a super comfy space just for you. When you have all your floral wreaths and crystal candles in all the right places, snap a few dreamy Instas to show your friends that you've officially embraced the #cottagecore lifestyle.

This Dried Flower Wreath Will Make Your Walls Bloom

Dried flowers will bring that beautiful flower field vibe into your home. With just enough blooms on your walls, you'll feel like you're chilling in a garden. And the best part of all is that these flowers never need tending, just love.

This Flower Crown Print Is A Stunning Addition To Your Bedroom

This gorgeous print of a woman wearing a flower crown might fit your cottagecore vibe perfectly. Just like this woman, you'd probably love to be wearing a flower crown in your garden all day, every day.

This Succulent Arrangement Is Su-Cute For Your Dining Room Table

It's so easy to turn your dining room table from just a table to a totally Instagram-worthy one with the right centerpiece. This succulent arrangement will look extra sweet in your space all year long. You can even add it to your desk when you're writing love letters to your partner.

This Crystal Candle Will Fill Your Space With Peace, Love, And Happiness

Cottagecore is all about embracing the good vibes, so bring that mentality into your space with this crystal candle. It's intended to bring on peace, love, and happiness. Light this candle whenever you need to relax with a cup of your favorite tea.

This Fabric Garland Has A Sweet, Vintage Feel

This sweet garland is an easy way to decorate empty wall space or your mantle. It totally fits the cozy and nostalgic cottagecore feeling.

This Macrame Hanger Is Perfect For Plant Parents

The more plants in your home, the better. You may want your apartment to feel like a garden inside and out, so treat yourself to a few of these macrame plant hangers. Then, hang up your greens in your bedroom, the kitchen, and even on your back porch.

This Watercolor Print Is Beyond Dreamy

Ever since you first saw Taylor Swift's folklore album art, you've had a forest photoshoot on your to-do list. You want to take some super dreamy pics as you get lost in the woods. Just like the cover art inspired you, so can this print of three different paths in the woods.

This Flower Hook Is A Cute Accessory To Hang Up Your Fave Cardigan

Not only are these flower hooks super cute, but they're also convenient accessories. Use them to hang up a small purse or your favorite cardigan. (You know, the one you wear while dancing around to "cardigan" by Taylor Swift.)

This Rose Petal Coaster Is A Home For Your Fave Coffee Mug

You've probably seen a few DIY resin TikToks pop up on your For You page. The rose petals in the resin have an extra romantic vibe, and this coaster is a perfect place to set down your coffee mug when you need to turn the page of your latest romance novel.

This Woodland Creature Print Is Furry Adorable

Add this furry adorable piece of artwork to your kitchen wall. Whenever you look at it, you'll be reminded of the woodland creatures that hold a special place in your heart.

This Floral Pillow Cover Is A Great Addition To Your Reading Nook

Upgrade your pillows at home with this cottage chic pillow cover. Pillow covers are an easy way to revamp your space. A few cottagecore-inspired pillows will be great for that extra cozy reading nook you're creating.

This Pressed Flower Arrangement Is The Ultimate Finishing Touch

Most of the cottagecore lifestyle is about embracing the DIY aesthetic and using what you have in your own home. That's what makes pressed flowers perfect artwork to decorate your walls with. You can either make pressed flowers of your own, or get yourself a gorgeous arrangement like this one on Etsy.