A woman waters her living wall, which is a 2022 home decor trend for Gen Z.
The Biggest 2022 Home Decor Trends Include Plant Walls And *This* Color

Here's what experts at Etsy, Michaels, Pinterest, and more are predicting.

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There’s no better time to make over your home than with a new year. A new year, a new setting, right? If you’ve been feeling like your space needs a little refresh, it’s time to tap into some of the best home decor 2022 trends from the experts. Between the #HomeDecor tag on TikTok and scrolling through your Insta feed, you may be overwhelmed with what you’re seeing. As far as trends go, it’s best to get the inside scoop from experts who know just where these trends are going and what you’ll love seeing in your home all throughout the year.

You’re already sensing that 2022 is going to be a big year for you, so it’s time to make your home one that is not only cozy AF and Insta-worthy, but also a dream come true. From statement lighting to sustainable pieces, these 2022 home decor trends are a great place to start. All you need are a few things here and there to completely transform your favorite spaces. Make your living room picture-perfect for hosting your first get-together with your besties in years or add some flare to your kitchen for shooting TikTok tutorials that are worthy of the FYP. Whatever your plans are in the new year, take some advice from these home decor 2022 experts at places like Etsy, Pinterest, and Michaels, who know just what trends to follow and which ones to leave behind in 2021.

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Statement Lighting

Who said your decor couldn’t be functional as well as fashionable? Your home needs great lighting, and Etsy recommends going for statement lighting over anything. You can really elevate your space just by opting for a ‘70s-inspired lamp or a colorful wall sconce. Something like this mid-century modern pendant ($230) from Etsy is perfect for hanging over your dining room table as a centerpiece.

Embrace Nostalgia

While you’re ready for some big adventures in 2022, you’ll want your home to be a cozy place to return to. Experts at Michaels are saying that nostalgia and hygge are going to be big in the new year. You can even mix some of that comfort with the beloved cottagecore aesthetic by getting cute floral and soft throw pillows. Make some homemade mugs as well using something like your Cricut Mug Press ($179) to enjoy with your fave tea.

Think Of Your Pets

Pinterest is seeing a trend of people thinking of their pets first when decorating their homes. “Catify” some spaces for your feline friend or get luxurious furniture your dog can use as well. Something absolutely adorable is a pet sofa for your living room. You can also go for functional furniture like a hidden litter box ($138, Chewy) piece.

Curvy Accents

Pinterest is also seeing an interest in curvy home decor. That just means painted archways and round furniture may be something to think about. You could easily get a can of paint in one of Behr’s 2022 color trends to paint an accent archway behind a bookshelf or your bed. This may also be a good time to finally get that egg chair you’ve been dreaming of.

Multicultural Items

The founder of Portmanteau Home, Sunny Hong, sees multicultural home decor trending in 2022. Adding a piece of your own cultural background to your home will provide a visual affirmation of your own identity, and Hong is all about “breaking that homogeneity that we see in all the magazines.” The way you embrace this trend could even be as simple as getting some napkin rings to set an Insta-worthy tablescape for your next bestie dinner night.

Emerald Green

Etsy has already deemed emerald green as the color of 2022. This gorgeous jewel tone represents so many things from nature to royalty, so adding a few statement green pieces to your home will really bring new life to it and elevate it as well. Something like an emerald green tray to place on your coffee table or dresser is a great idea. There’s also an emerald green velvet floor cushion ($360, Etsy) if you’re down to splurge a little for style.

Upcycle Decor

Michaels believes 2022 will be the year of “mindful making,” with DIYers keeping sustainability as a priority. While you are thinking of making over your home, you want to do it in a smart way. Upcycling is one way to do that, and TikTok has some great upcycle decor ideas. For example, you can take all those holiday candles you bought from Bath & Body Works candle day sale and reuse the jars for toiletries or even as planters.

This trend will also save you money as you can basically get your craft on to revamp some of your existing pieces at home with new creative touches. With some paint and resin, you can even take your boring serving tray and make it look expensive AF.

Pop-Punk Style

“Mom, it was a never a phase” is right. It seems pop-punk is having a revival, according to Etsy, so you’ll want to try and incorporate some of that into your decor style as well. Even something as simple as wall art with lyrics to your favorite Blink-182 song will be a great rebellious touch. You know even Kourtney Kardashian would love it.

Biophilic Design

Take your love of plants to the next level with this home decor trend that Pinterest is predicting is going to be big in 2022. The biophilic design brings nature inside with things like living walls and fountains. This is even the next step in cottagcore by bringing the forest to you. All you need are some simple moss wall art pieces to start.


Make your home uniquely yours by adding some personalized touches. One way Michaels suggests you follow this 2022 trend is by hand stitching decor. You can even find some cute embroidery projects at Michaels, or look for some patterns on Etsy that really fit your vibe.

Travel-Inspired Decor

You may be starting to travel more now or planning your future bucket list vacations. Michaels suggests you use that wanderlust in your decorating. You can either collect items from your adventures or DIY some things for your home inspired by the places you plan to visit. A cute idea is to DIY a rug of a landscape you’d like to see IRL.

Flower Power

Michaels is also seeing a trend of Makers using natural items like flowers in their DIY projects. One cute sustainable way to upcycle decor is to collect some fallen leaves or flowers from your garden to make resin trays or jewelry holders. You could even make cute coasters for your coffee table that all your friends will want to use.

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