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7 Floral Crafts You Can Make Fresh From Your Backyard Gardenia

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If you have a garden bursting with flowers and herbs, it's thyme to get a little crafty. Especially if you enjoy DIY crafts with real flowers, you must be in love with the cottagecore trend that's appearing all over Instagram and TikTok. Your garden presents the perfect opportunity to embrace that dreamy lifestyle by making some gorgeous decor for your own home.

Dried and pressed flowers arranged and matted in a picture frame always works for colorful art on your walls. But there are so many other ways to decorate with the blooms in your backyard. For instance, you can create flower coasters to use on your next wine night with your besties (if you're 21 or up), and prepare some scrumptious edible flower cookies for a date night surprise as well. Give that bouquet your SO gave you for a special occasion a beautiful re-purpose by putting together a bowl of everlasting potpourri. Not only will it give your home a fresh scent, but you can also pair it with some cut flowers of a sentimental card they gave you for unique pics on Instagram.

All you need to do to get started is to choose some of your favorite blooms from your garden, and decide on any of these seven real flower DIY crafts that you want to bring into your home. Try one or try them all for a fun-filled daisy at home.

Dried Lavender Candles For A Relaxing Night With A Good Book

Some types of flowers have the sweetest scents that make you wish you could smell them all day long. Well, that can become a reality with handmade fresh flower candles like these DIY lavender ones.

The only supplies you will need are wax melts, dried flowers, a mason jar, and some candle wicks. A lavender candle like this one will be a perfect addition to relaxing nights at home when all you really want to do is curl up with a good book under your favorite blanket.

Flower Coasters To Use For Your Favorite Wine Glasses

So many cool DIY crafts like keychains, serving trays, and coasters like these can be made using resin. It's just important to review all the basics before beginning.

Using a proper mold, you can create super cute flower coasters. Add in all your favorite blooms in just the right colors to match your decor. You can mix in glitter as well for a shiny touch.

Pressed Flower Phone Case For You And Your Bestie

Make yourself a new phone case using some pressed flowers and resin. You'll need a clear phone case, and the flowers should be pressed ahead of time. Then, arrange your blooms how you would like them and use the resin to make sure everything stays. This can actually be a super cute idea for a birthday present for your bestie if you want matching phones.

Potpourri With Your Old Bouquet So It Lasts Longer

It's always sad when a special bouquet starts to die. However, you can give those flowers a repurpose by turning it into potpourri. Simply place your dried blooms in a mason jar with the essential oil of your choice. The flowers your SO gave you can give your entire apartment a fresh garden scent for years to come.

Edible Flower Cookies You'll Lilac A Lot

For a sweet treat, you can whip up a batch of edible flower cookies. If you have some edible blooms in your backyard like daisies and lavender, simply add them to some of your favorite cookie recipes like this one to give yourself an Insta-worthy and tasty snack.

Pressed Flower Earrings That Will Have You Hooked

With your resin and flowers, you can make gorgeous cottagecore-style earrings. If you don't already have some bezels you want to make earrings out of, you can find some cute silicone resin molds on Etsy to use.

Place whatever pressed blooms you want inside and seal it all together with the resin. Once you've mastered earrings, you can try making necklaces and even matching bracelets for you and your bestie.

Flower Dye Fabrics For Designs You Want To Show Off

Tie-dye is totally hot right now. You've likely seen trends like wine tie-dye and bleach dye, but have you ever seen flower dye? Well, now, you can make some super cute dish rags for your kitchen using colorful blooms from your backyard and a hammer.

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