When You Want Nothing More Than Relaxation & The Best Pics This Summer, These 4 Trips Await

Lucas Ottone, Stocksy

This year, you may be trying to establish more balance in your life. You're not necessarily doing this by taking more yoga classes or having your bestie teach you ballet, but rather by getting away from the high energy and noise of your busy schedule, and hitting the virtual "pause" button. You're sending texts in your group chats on Saturday afternoons like, "Sorry, guys! I'm going to pass on tonight," and giving yourself the space you need to completely chill. That's OK, and you should know that, next to pizzas and cozy nights spent on the couch, some of the best summer trips for pictures and relaxation are in your near future, too.

These are the trips that are meant for Instagram, because they let you explore and truly discover the most beautiful corners of the world. They let you find fresh smoothie shops in Australia, lounge near the ocean all day long, and get back to nature during simple and rewarding hikes through the red rocks. They also let you check items off of your bucket list. (Snorkeling off the coast of a country in Europe? Yes, please!)

Now, I could spend a lot of time helping you come up with captions for these experiences and excursions. I think I will give you a list of the destinations that you must see and capture on your camera this summer, though. That sounds good, right? I knew you'd agree.

Sedona, Arizona
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First things first: For all the relaxation, red rock, and nature you can find, head to Sedona, Arizona, this summer. It may not be the top place on your bucket list right now, but it'll surely leave you feeling refreshed and with a camera roll full of spectacular memories and content.

During the day, you may go on leisurely hikes or maybe soak in a hot tub that's at your hotel. You'll take an afternoon nap and go shopping before meditating with the moon and sending your worries toward the stars.

Personally, just the thought of those activities is already making me feel so zen. Can I come on this trip and experience the beauty of it all with you? Thanks!

Hamilton, Bermuda
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Next, set your sights on Hamilton, Bermuda. It may come as no surprise that the saturated sunsets, sand, and surf can be relaxing, and a great backdrop for your Instagram pictures. But, this place will immediately exceed all of your expectations and make you want to send texts like, "Hi, I'm staying here for a while."

Within just a few days here, you'll find your own beaches nestled into coves and restaurants that serve the best breakfast. You'll pose with a couple of palm trees or a colorful hammock that's made for reading a book, and share it to your feed.

Truth is, as much as you want to take pictures, you'll want to plan on using this summer trip as a digital detox. You'll want to ditch your phone in your room for a bit, and enjoy living the island life.

The Amalfi Coast, Italy
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Everything you know and love about Italy gets taken to the next level when you travel to the Amalfi Coast. The authentic pasta, flavorful gelato, and endless picturesque views — they're all out of this world. (Just take it from me! This destination is one of many that has made me fall in love with travel.)

Now, I know what you're thinking. Packing up a suitcase and taking a long flight to Europe might not sound like your idea of relaxation. It's not exactly mine, either. But, once you're chilling on the beach and angling your lens on the pastel-colored houses that are stacked into the cliff sides, the journey there will be worth it.

You'll realize that it was 100 percent worth dealing with little-to-no leg room and jet lag, too. You'll bask in the sunshine, bring fresh produce from the local markets down to the sand, and rarely think about the "real world" that's waiting for you back home. Sounds dreamy, huh?

Byron Bay, Australia
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Last but not least, there's one place that's currently finding its way to the top of my bucket list, and that's Byron Bay in Australia. I originally found out about this destination on Instagram because I saw two of my favorite influencers travel there.

I saw them hopping from one beach to the next, and then to colorful cafés like The Pressed Pantry. The more pictures I saw, the more I knew that this trip is everything I'm looking for — and that you're likely looking for, too — this summer.

Are you in? Um, of course! You want to fall head over heels in love with the teal waves and sandy #views. You want to wear comfy clothes and go kayaking, then head back to your Airbnb or hotel to watch movies and relax at the end of the day.

I don't blame you one bit. And in fact, I think I'm going to map out some time in my schedule for Instagram-worthy traveling and naps, too. It's all about balance this summer and the months beyond.