7 College Friendsgiving Recipes That Are Easy & Impressive AF

November is just one more month in the line-up of extra-good months of the year. Seriously, it should be more recognized. There's the days after Halloween (hello, candy sales), there's Thanksgiving, and then, of course, there's Friendsgiving. What's not to love? Friendsgiving is the Queen Bey of friendship holidays, so it calls for a true celebratory experience. If you're anything like my friends, I know that terrifies you for one reason only: it means you have to cook up some Friendsgiving recipes.

Yeah, I know that even the thought began the accumulation of a pit in you stomach and brought some intense sweaty palms. But take it from me: impressive cooking doesn't have to be difficult. I used to be the worst at making meals, until I realized it's possible to make easy food that tastes just as good. So starting right now, we're debunking your fear of cooking and getting you in the kitchen, just in time for Friendsgiving.

When you show up with one (or more, if you're feeling risky) of these Friendsgiving recipes, your friends' jaws will be all-the-way dropped. This November, shake things up a little and impress the pants off your entire squad — but expect them to want you to cook for every gathering here on out, as well. It's the curse of the good cook.

Everything's Better With Bacon
Everyday Food on YouTube

Everyone who's anyone knows you can't go wrong with bacon. Exchange it out for some turkey bacon if that's your thing, but know that with just a little effort, you're the one who's bringing home the bacon. Which, in this case, is your squad's eternal admiration and gratitude for your newfound cooking skills.

The Most Decadent Side Dish There Ever Was
Everyday Food on YouTube

Let's talk for a second about how UNDERRATED mashed potatoes are. Every year, people look forward to Thanksgiving food, but often are potatoes mentioned? Not very. The spotlight's all on sweet potatoes and turkey and gravy and that disgusting jello blob known as cranberry sauce. I'm just out here advocating for mashed potato awareness –and for you to jump on it and make this easy side dish your friends.

A Twist On A Dinnertime Staple

If you and your friend squad like your food on the more elegant side, these carefully garnished carrots are the way to go for a couple reasons. One, just look at them. Those are definitely the prettiest carrots to grace a dinner table. I'd feel bad eating them. And two, they scream adulthood. If you're trying to step into your big girl shoes and show your friends who's boss, this is the way to go, my friends.

Be The Most Extra Friend You Can Be
Allrecipes on YouTube

...And by extra, I, of course, mean, EXTRA. I'm talking about you rolling up with not only a boujee-AF cheese plate, but a cornucopia-shaped cheese plate. It's like the epitome of grown-*ss woman. You complete this easy recipe, you've made it. Plus, no one can turn it down, and I promise you no one else thought to bring an appetizer. Bask in the glory that comes with being the ultimate friend on Friendsgiving.

The Easiest Great Recipe You'll Ever Make
Warren Nash on YouTube

I won't dance around it: Pumpkin pie is basically the king of the Thankgiving-esque meals. It's the front runner, the band lead, whatever. If you're gonna make it, you've got to make sure you get it right. Luckily, this recipe will get you there. Get ready to meet your signature dish.

You Can't Go Wrong Here
Southern Living on YouTube

Bring on the over-indulgence, am I right? This dish is reminiscent of something your great-aunt brings to Thanksgiving, so it'll get a good laugh and it'll get eaten at your Friendsgiving.

Kick It New School
Eat East Indian on YouTube

If you're still not convinced you can make the leap and cook any of the above, don't panic. This recipe is specifically for you. You can't fail making baked sweet potato fries, you just can't.