David and Moira Rose spend Friendsgiving with the Schitts to show you can have your own Friendsgivin...
These Friendsgiving Decor Ideas Inspired By Schitt’s Creek Are Simply The Best

They're so fun that you won’t even need a stiff drink to get through Turkey Day.

by Andrea Hannah

As the cool weather creeps in, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll celebrate Turkey Day with your besties. Instead of going with the traditional setup, why not take a note from your favorite Schitt’s Creek moments to create unforgettable Friendsgiving party decor? Just remember to fold in the cheese before you serve the enchiladas in addition to taking some cues from these Friendsgiving party decor ideas inspired by Schitt’s Creek.

There are a million reasons why Schitt’s Creek is still so iconic, including the amazing style of its main characters. We could all take a leaf from David Rose’s monochromatic fashion sense and apply it to our holiday decor. Instead of the traditional cranberry-colored table linens, you could change things up and make all your table settings black and white like David’s sweaters. You could also add in some boho chic feathers in honor of Alexis, or bring in some multi-colored wigs for Moira. Honestly, you could do all of them for a Schitt’s Creek-themed Friendsgiving party.

Of course, you’ll want to capture some of the funniest moments from Schitt’s Creek at your get-together. You could grab some Rosebud Motel coasters for the table, or pop a few hilarious quotes from your favorite characters around the house. Your besties will delight in all the nostalgia, and you won’t even have to bedazzle anything (probably).

If you want to take your Thanksgiving celebration with your BFFs to the next level, check out these Friendsgiving Schitt’s Creek party decor ideas and hit up your local Rose Apothecary ASAP.

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Try A Black-And-White Table Setting

Thanksgiving is usually about the warm browns and cranberry colors, but why not change up your Friendsgiving party with a nod to David Rose’s wardrobe? You could opt for a crisp white tablecloth and black dishes (or vice versa). To add in some texture, you could also grab some linen napkins with different monochromatic designs like checks or stripes.

DIY Some Rosebud Motel Coasters

It’s super simple to make your own Rosebud Motel coasters, and it’ll add a lot of fun to your Friendsgiving table. This website features a free coaster printable. All you have to do is print out your coaster onto the material of your choosing, or you even could laminate a paper version. You can also purchase Schitt’s Creek coasters online.

Fill Up These Character Cups

To add a bit more “character” to your table, grab these Schitt’s Creek character cups from Etsy. You get five clear plastic cups in one pack, and each one features one of the main characters, including David, Alexis, Johnny, and Moira. The fifth cup has one of the most iconic lines from the show: “Ew, David!”

Set Out Moira & David’s Cheese Knives

While you’re over on Etsy, you might as well also grab these fancy cheese spreader knives. They come in a set of two, with one knife featuring David’s face and the quote “What does fold in the cheese mean?” and the second featuring Moira’s face and her response, “You just fold it in!” You’ll want to display these hilarious knives with your charcuterie board or appetizers.

Set The Table With These Snappy Napkin Holders
Free 2 Be Studio

Grab a few of these Schitt’s Creek-themed napkin holders and start setting the table. They come in a set of six wood “charms,” and each one features a memorable quote from the show that’s sure to make your guests laugh. You can set them right on top the napkins, or thread a ribbon through the hole at the top.

Put On These Herb Ertlinger Wine Labels

It’s hard to forget the scene where Moira and David visit Herb Ertlinger’s vineyard and drink way too much “peach-crabapple” wine. You can follow this DIY guide by Practical and Pretty to create your very own Herb Ertlinger fruit wine labels to place on your bottles at home.

Decorate A “Wig Wall” For Photo Opps

Who could forget Moira’s opulent wig wall back in the Rosebud motel? You can recreate the infamous wall at your own Friendsgiving party to spice up your decor while offering tons of Instagram-worthy photo opps. Just grab a few cheap wigs and hang them up, Moira-style, on an accent wall. Guests can mix and match the hairpieces for photos or wear the wigs to dinner. For more ideas, check out what bloggers Benny and the Becks did with their wig wall.

Set Out Some Funny Schitt’s Creek-Inspired Food Signs

You can use some funny food signs to tell your guests about each food option at the table while also giving a silent nod to Schitt’s Creeks’ most memorable moments. You could make a tray of cinnamon buns that are “for motel guests only” and set out some of Johnny’s “raw milk” to wash it all down. For more sign ideas, check out what blogger Design Organize Party came up with.

Fill Your Space With Rose Apothecary Candles

For the final touches, you’ll want to fill your home with lightly scented candles from David and Patrick’s upscale store, Rose Apothecary. While this hand-poured candle from Etsy isn’t actually from the Apothecary, it features the iconic two-rose logo. You can even choose which scent you want, and they all come in a minimalist white color.