7 Attainable Birthday Wishes To Make That Could Actually Come True This Year

Cheers! It's your birthday, and whether you're excited to go out or stay in with your girls and eat your favorite kind of cake — this year is going to be all about you. You're 20-something, so the possibilities are endless in your life — and even if you find yourself struggling, you're proud of where you've been and what's to come. Maybe you're throwing a big bash with all of your friends and family, or are sticking to something more low-key like a slumber party. Before you blow out your candles, I hope you consider these birthday wishes to make that could actually come true. After all, it would be pretty sweet to live out your dreams this year.

You've been thinking about what you might wish for for at least the past week, and seriously wondering if asking to meet John Stamos is too much. Truth is, if you want your birthday wishes to come true, you might need to stick to something more simple and attainable. The best things to hope for can still be huge, and also created by your own two hands. Nobody wants to be disappointed when their celebrity crush doesn't show up for cake with the most perfect present — and unfortunately, we don't have control over Uncle Jesse's schedule.

Honestly, you're probably the best at giving gifts, because you know exactly what your besties would love. Thinking about yourself isn't as easy, but when it comes to blowing out your candles, I've got you covered. These seven wishes could totally come true.

To Move To A New City

This is the year that you finally take the leap. You've been thinking about moving to a new city and checking out spaces unlike your own for awhile now, but there's always been something in your way. Birthday wishes work sort of like New Year's resolutions, and so thinking about this while blowing out your candles will surely seal the deal.

Maybe you'll move into a place with one of your besties, or jet-set to somewhere abroad. Living in another country for a year has always seemed kind of cool, and there's no better time to do it than when you're young.

To Rescue A Pet

You'll take a lot of selfies on your birthday, but a pet would make the shot even more picture-perfect. There are so many animals out there looking for a forever home, and you'd love to have a pup hanging around your apartment. Even cats, who tend to keep to themselves, could be a cuddly addition and make your life a little bit brighter this year.

Sure, there are a lot of crucial things to consider before bringing a pet into your home. You want to make sure that you have the right space and know how to care for your new friend. But, when it comes to birthday wishes, the universe might think this is a great step for you.

To Take A Trip

Wouldn't it be amazing if one of those presents had something to do with your passport? Taking a trip should never be off the table, and this is the year that you travel. Maybe you've been spending your day totally daydreaming about going somewhere tropical, or a city full of life and culture. Are destination birthday parties in style? If so, sign me up!

The best part about this birthday wish is that you can book the plane tickets right after you finish your cake. Find a travel buddy, pick a destination, and just go. Even if it's just for a long weekend, or a really easy road trip — your wish will still be fulfilled.

To Do Something Spontaneous

Right along with taking a trip comes being spontaneous this year. When you're working the nine to five life, and letting your schedule make your decisions, it's hard to do something that isn't so planned. However, this wish doesn't have to be as complicated as it might first come across. Something as simple as starting a conversation with someone you don't know, or making a mistake can count.

The best birthday parties have a karaoke machine. And getting up on the stage to sing your favorite song in front of all of your friends and family might even be a good place to start. "Party in the U.S.A." anyone?

To Make A New Friend

This birthday, you might choose to wish for a new bestie in your life. You may already have so many friends, but maybe there's still a missing piece in the puzzle. You're dying to find someone who is passionate about all the same things as you, and understands your weird side. As cool as your current crew is, the more can really be the merrier.

The best way to find a new friend will be to put yourself in social situations. Think about the places that people with your interests would hang out, and let them inspire you. At first, this might not feel totally attainable, and maybe a bit outside your comfort zone. But, it'll be so worth it when you have somebody else to share your next birthday with.

To Fall In Love

OK, falling in love is probably the biggest wish you'll ever make on your birthday candles. But, hear me out a bit. There are all sorts of things in this life that are worth going head-over-heels for. Maybe this is the year you learn to love yourself, or maybe you find a place that speaks to all of your passions. Truth is, falling in love doesn't have to be all about another person, and the universe has all of your relationships figured out anyway.

Look to your surroundings and find little things that you might not have noticed before, or try a new food that could seriously be your soulmate. Can we marry French fries? Let me know.

To Face Your Fears

All of the experiences you're waiting for are on the other side of your fears. Being 20-something means that you're ready to follow all of your dreams, but that's not always as easy as it sounds. Most of the time, we get in our own way. So, this year, you'll want to wish the best for yourself and finally get over what's holding you back.

Maybe you're scared to tell someone, "I love you." Or maybe you really do want to make that big move, but are nervous about finding the right apartment and leaving behind your friends. Your birthday is the time to ditch all of those worries, and wish for something that really could come true.