The gifts to give your partner on your wedding day that mean the most err on the side of sentimental...
6 Oh-So-Sentimental Gifts To Give Your Fiancé On Your Wedding Day


Vows, rings, dances, and toasts — these are just a few of the things you and your fiancé will get to share when you tie the knot. But what about a little token of your love? There are a plethora of gifts to give your partner on your wedding day that hold tremendous sentimental value and can serve as meaningful souvenirs of your nuptials.

Not all couples exchange gifts on their wedding day, of course. But presenting your future spouse with something special offers a way to show your appreciation for them as you embark on this next chapter of your lives together. Choosing the perfect present typically means taking your SO’s interests and preferences into account. For example, if you and your foodie partner love cooking together, a customized recipe box that features some of your go-to dishes is bound to make them gush.

Regardless of what your partner’s passions are, it’s important to note that there’s no reason you should have to shell out a ton for your wedding day gift. After all, you’re both likely investing some of your own funds into the ceremony, reception, rings, and other aspects of the celebration. So, when picking out your wedding gift, heed the old saying that it’s the thought that counts. The more careful consideration you put into the gift, the more likely it is to hold significant meaning for your SO.

Looking for a budget-friendly gift that’s got a nostalgic touch? Here are a few ideas that are sure to hit your future spouse right in the feels.

Framed Vows

While saying your vows out loud is an undeniably powerful act, sometimes it’s nice to have them in writing as a constant reminder of the promises you made to each other.

Consider handwriting your vows in ink, and then putting them in a frame. You could also type them up and layer the text over a photo of you as a couple. To add to the sentimental quality of this gift, get a frame for the vows that are engraved with your wedding date.

Custom Portrait

If you and your SO love looking back on photos you've taken together, why not turn one of those images into a bona fide work of art?

There are a number of artists on Etsy who offer custom portraits. You simply send the seller the photo you'd like them to use, and they'll send you a drawing or painting inspired by that snapshot. If you and bae are frequent travelers, you could also choose a photo you took during one of your trips as opposed to a pic of you as a couple. It's up to you where you hang the finished artwork, but rest assured that it will make that memory even more significant for your spouse-to-be.

A Sentimental Scrapbook

It goes without saying that a homemade gift has extra special value because the recipient knows how much time and effort you put into it. So, if you're willing and able to get crafty, consider putting together a scrapbook of all the milestones in your relationship.

From a journal entry about your first date to the tickets for your first flight together, there's so much you can include. And don't forget to add a title to the scrapbook cover — something along the lines of The Best Love Story Ever Told, or The Story Of Us. Now that's a book that your life partner will want to read again and again for years to come.

A Digital Walk Down Memory Lane

As you and your boo prepare to make a lifelong commitment to each other, it can be fun to revisit the beginning of your relationship. And there's no better way to do that than by digging up some of your initial convos over text, social media, email, etc. While this gift idea takes some time to put together, it's well worth it. Not only will you undoubtedly get a few laughs out of reading these early exchanges, but your soon-to-be spouse surely will, too.

Once you've found some particularly adorable conversations, print them out and bind them together into a handmade booklet. Or, you can paste them into the pages of a blank journal. On the first page, be sure to include a little introduction that starts with "Once upon a time..." And of course, on the last page, add, "And they lived happily ever after."

Personalized Vinyl Playlist

There’s hardly anything that screams old school romance quite like a mixtape. Not only do you know your SO’s music tastes better than anyone else, but there are likely a few songs that are meaningful to your relationship, which you can add to the playlist. For example, you might include the first song you danced to, the song that was playing during your first kiss, or a song performed by the artist or band you saw for your first concert together.

Since it’s impossible to wrap up a Spotify playlist, consider going the DIY route with a CD or USB drive. Taking the time to type out the track list and including a cute photo of you both can go a long way in making this present extra sentimental. If your boo happens to have a record player, consider getting your playlist put on a made-to-order custom record from One Cut Vinyl.

A Meaningful Map Print

This is another gift that requires some crafty skills, but note that it costs very little and can have so much sentimental value.

Start by printing out a map of the state where you met, where you got engaged, and where you'll be tying the knot. Then, once you've pinpointed the exact location of your first meeting, your proposal, and your wedding venue, mark each by either drawing or painting a heart or tacking on a heart-shaped sticker. Cut around the border of your maps and paste them onto whatever color background you wish. You can frame the print yourself or have it done professionally. Just don't forget to add the dates of all three events above or beneath each map.