43 Unique Gifts Under $25

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As November comes to an end, it's time to heat up a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers and sit down with your holiday budget. Maybe your list of people is longer than you anticipated, or maybe you spent too much on holiday decorations (I've been there). Whatever it is, these unique gifts under $25 have you covered.

Personally, I know this year I'll be buying for more people than ever before — and while I'm grateful that my circle of friends and family has grown over the years, my budget isn't always able to keep up. That's why classy gifts that seem expensive (but aren't) will be my saving grace. Actually, no matter what season it is, I always rest easy knowing that I can count on Amazon for unique (but affordable) gifts for everyone I care about, from birthdays to housewarming parties to Mother's or Father's Day. (I'm looking at you, middle-of-May reader.)

In all those situations and more, a Jackson and a Lincoln won't get you very far at the mall, but the internet has hundreds of brilliant gifts under $25. You won't even need to leave your computer chair, and if you're a member of Amazon Prime, free shipping and two-day deliveries are all yours. Stress-free holiday, here you come.

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