6 Homemade Gifts To Give Your Partner That Are Even More Romantic Than Store-Bought Ones

by Alison Segel

I recently told a guy that I don't like gifts that cost money, and he was like, "All women do." Then, I was like, 1) ew, that's a gross belief and 2) it's true. I'd rather have something thoughtful and free over a piece of expensive jewelry or something any day. But what are some solid homemade gifts to give your partner that are actually meaningful gestures, rather than just store-bought items?

One time, my high school boyfriend made me a scrapbook of all our memories together before I left for college. It included photos of us together, love notes, tickets from movies we saw together, and even the receipt from the dinner we had on our very first date. (Holy sh*t, he kept that?) To this day, even though we've been broken for over 10 years, it's my most prized possession. While it didn't cost him money to make, it certainly took a lot of effort on his part. And we all want to feel appreciated and thought about like that by our partners, right?

So here are some homemade gifts to give your significant other that are even more romantic than store-bought ones. Because everyone loves a thoughtful gesture, and I love things that are free.

1. A Comic Book

One year, for my birthday, a friend of mine printed out some of our best text message conversations and turned them into a comic book. It was, like, the best thing ever. You can't buy anything like that in a store.

So draw your partner their own "comic book" that outlines your entire relationship together. What a fun way to remember your journey! You can also make your significant other a superhero — I'm sure they'd be into that.

2. Some Sexy Coupons

I'm not talking 20 percent off at Bed, Bath, and Beyond here. Make your boo a coupon book that says things like "free massage" or "you can put it in my butt tonight." OK, not necessarily the butt thing, but I mean, some fun, sexy stuff, you know?

3. A Date-Night Recipe Book

Make your boo a book of recipes so that when you want to have date nights in, you have a rolodex of meals to choose from. Have meals planned for "we're def gonna bone tonight," "Netflix and chill," "oh, no, our parents are visiting," and "we both had a long day at work, so let's cook something easy." It's not only saying you're down to cook for your partner in the future (which is a gift within itself), but the recipe book is a thoughtful gift that shows you care.

4. A Scrapbook

Like I said, a scrapbook is the best present everrrrr. But you have to be thinking about it for a while. Make sure that you hold on to little pieces of nostalgia throughout your relationship: photobooth pics, old receipts from dinners, movie ticket stubs, etc. It'll show your significant other that you've been present and aware throughout your relationship, which is kind of a romantic rarity these days.

5. Friendship Bracelet (Or Love Bracelet — Whatever!)

There is nothing more nostalgic than a good, old-fashioned friendship bracelet. It's kind of like the elementary school version of an engagement ring. I once made an ex a bracelet and forced him to wear it at all times. Because then, people would ask him, "Why are you wearing a bracelet?" and he would be forced to respond, "My girlfriend gave it to me," and then, everyone would know he had a girlfriend.

See, there's a method to my madness.

All you need is some friendship bracelet string that can easily be bought at any craft supply store near you. And an instructional vid on how to make a bracelet can be found here, if you don't remember from your own school days.

6. Piece Of Pottery

You know those places you can go where you can paint your own pottery? Well, while it's not exactly free, it's better than just buying some sort of stereotypical dinnerware for your partner. It is, in a sense, handmade. So head over to your local crafting spot, and make your significant other a coffee cup that says #1 Boo. It'll make them smile when they drink out of it every morning.

So if you're looking for a present to give your partner, think meaning, not money. Because it's the thought that counts, not your wallet.

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