10 Wedding Gifts Under $100 For The Couple You Love, But Your Wallet Doesn’t

It's that time of year again: Wedding season. Then time when, suddenly, all your weekends start filling up with save the dates. While this is a magical time, when you get to see the people you care about commit to share their lives together — and hopefully plenty of host bars to enjoy — all this love and romance can hit you in unexpected ways and places. I'm specifically talking about the wallet. That's because, with every "I do," comes the expectation of a wedding gift. While their registry may be be full of over overpriced flatware, there are plenty of other wedding gifts under $100 you can give that will thrill them just as much, if not even more, than a $200 salt and pepper shaker set.

That's right, you don't have to break the bank to give your friends and family members wedding gifts. The key to picking a nice gift is to think of items that they will actually use together as they move into this new phase of their lives. Things that will encourage them to enjoy spending time together or that help really make their house a home. Also great are items that they may want, but can't quite spring for themselves after paying for a wedding. With that in mind, here are some ideas of fabulous budget-friendly wedding gifts to inspire you.

A robot housekeeper

After all the hoopla of the wedding, your friends really need a break. So, hook them up with a robot housekeeper who can do the vacuuming for them.

A beautiful casserole dish

A beautiful Le Creuset Casserole dish is the perfect gift for friends who love to cook. Warning: Once you go Le Creuset, you can’t go back. This cookware is addictive!

A flossy bar set

If your friends enjoy a cocktail, liven up tier drink making skills with a gorgeous copper hammered bar tool set. Bonus: They can use this to make you drinks whenever you visit.

Dinner made easy — and quickly

Newlyweds are busy, plus who has time to make a big meal every night? Anyone with a Instant Pot. That's because this pressure cooker not only makes dinner fast and easily, but it can really do it all. It's also a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté, and yogurt maker. It's basically seven gifts in one!

A gorgeous vase

Want to get them something a little more classic? Go for a vase with a modern edge like Kate Spade's Hampton Street Bowl Vase. It's perfect for roses but pretty enough to just sit out empty on a shelf. In a word, stunning.

Frame the memory

Want to give a gift they are guaranteed to use and enjoy? Then opt for a beautiful photo frame from the Martha Stewart Mother of Pearl collection. They can use it to display their favorite wedding photo in style.

Breakfast in bed

What’s more romantic than breakfast in bed? One that doesn't spill all over the place. Give the gift of a beautiful modern acrylic bed tray and your friends will keep crumbs out of their sheets and look good doing it.

A picnic in the great outdoors

If your friends are the outdoorsy types, or just enjoy some good old-fashioned romance, then they are going to love this picnic backpack. It carries a blanket, wine stands, cutter, dinnerware, and a cooler. It's perfect for camping or just stopping for a bite on a scenic hike.

10. Cold hard cash

There are plenty of amazing wedding gift options out there, but there is one thing that everyone likes — and, after a wedding, everyone needs — so you can't go wrong with some cold hard cash. This is a wedding, so you can class it up with a fancy card that doubles as a money envelope.

See, you won't have to go broke this wedding season after all. You can still give amazing gifts that won't break the bank and that celebrate your friends and family's love.