8 Of The Most Romantic Love Songs To Put On A Playlist For Your Boo This Christmas

When you're not drowning in the stress of last-minute gift shopping and coordinating the ever-growing roster of events before your family comes, the holidays are actually a great time to romance your bae. And everyone knows that the key to setting the mood for a romantic evening is having the perfect tunes queued up and ready to go. Finding the least cheesy songs about love to put on a playlist will probably depend on you and your boo's taste in music, but there are definitely some that are likely to get you feeling saucy, regardless of your go-to genre.

And if you're already underestimating the effect some sexy tunes have on the overall romantic experience, then stop right there. Once upon a time, I had a friend who was constantly lamenting the less-than-desirable sex she and her boyfriend were having. It soon came to light that they were getting down in complete silence. Yes, you read right — silence. She claimed they just "weren't music people," but after much convincing, she finally agreed to put on some Drake, and the rest is history. Drake literally saved their relationship — true story, folks.

All of this is to say, ambiance matters, so before you coax your boo out of their reindeer footie PJs for some fun, here are some songs that should help you romance it up.

1. "Just Like Heaven" By The Cure

If '80s rock is your thing, then I'm sure you are no stranger to The Cure. One of their best and most romantic songs has got to be "Just Like Heaven." This is perfect if traditionally sappy music sends a shiver down your spine, and the sad stuff makes you feel anything but romantic.

2. "We Belong Together" By Mariah Carey

Regardless of your feeling toward this notoriously intense pop songstress, her talent for romantic power ballads simply cannot be denied. And although she still maintains that she doesn't know who Jennifer Lopez is, we'll overlook it.

3. "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" Cover By Sam Smith

While the jury is still divided on whether or not Christmas music and romance go together, for those of you in favor, there's nothing like the soft crooning of Sam Smith to get the holiday romance going.

4. "Home" By Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

For some of us, no amount of time will be able to fix how unbelievably over-played this song was when it first came out. But for everyone else whom it wasn't ruined for, it really is a goodie.

5. "Come Away With Me" By Norah Jones

Easy listening is definitely an acquired taste, but for a long while, Norah Jones reigned supreme. Her raspy voice and dreamy lyrics are both romantic and sensual.

6. "I Want To Come Home For Christmas" By Marvin Gaye

While I'm sure some of you will insist that Marvin Gaye is a bit too close to our parents' music — and normally, I would agree — this underrated Christmas classic is a solid throwback for a romantic night in.

7. "Yellow" By Coldplay

Chances are, this song is already on your romantic playlist, and if it's not, then it's time to change that. Although you should avoid becoming the millionth couple to crown this pop/rock ballad as "your song," if you don't make it common knowledge, then it's probably OK if it secretly is.

8. "You And Me" By Penny & The Quarters

A super sweet relic from the past, this song became popular thanks to the gut-wrenching movie Blue Valentine. And there's a reason this became such a hit. It's sweet and romantic AF.

So in between all of the spiked eggnog and holiday antics, be sure to set aside some time for romancing your awesome bae.

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