6 April Fools' Texts For Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend That Will Prank Them So Hard

Love it or hate it, April Fools' Day is almost here. People will inevitably pull elaborate pranks on people they genuinely like that will go either medium-well or terribly. (I'm not an April Fools' enthusiast. Can you tell?) A successful prank typically requires some acting skills. You don't need to go full Meryl, but it is hard for most of us plebes not to smirk thinking about that fake cockroach we put in the shower. That's why April Fools' texts for your boyfriend or girlfriend instead are the ultimate hack if you really feel the need to be a little bit of a monster this Easter.

That's right, April Fools' Day falls on Easter this year. Jesus and tricks! How lovely! And while yes, you could put something that resembles a turd in a plastic Easter egg for your partner to find on your egg hunt, chances are you're not actually having an egg hunt because you're adults. Why not stick to texts?

Texting is super convenient, super cheap, and super something you do with your partner every day. Plus, it's really easy to lie over text. (Hello and welcome to the reason we have wildly rampant hookup culture in 2018!) If you want to April Fool the person you love most because somehow you think they'll enjoy your mischief and not be annoyed by it, here are six April's Fools' texts to send that I deem more silly than mean.

1. "I dyed my hair blonde."


As a lifelong brunette who has never colored her hair, I've used this one before. It's not that original, but it's a great way to find out what bae really thinks of your current hair color. Alternatives include: shaved my hair, got a tattoo, got a piercing, etc...

2. "I fell in love with a puppy at the shelter and took it home!"


And follow up with a "Don't hate me?" If your partner is a dog lover, this could border on cruel. But if you live together in a tiny apartment and you simply can't manage to have a dog, this is a great way to make your partner angry, but then also maybe make them re-evaluate if they could actually handle a puppy. (This is classier than faux pregnancy — there's no need to terrify anyone with that.)

3. "I got fired."


This could be a bit of a jinx, but it's also an opportunity to let your partner be very sweet and take care of you. Maybe they'll even buy you some Cadbury Mini Eggs. Who doesn't love a little sympathy?

4. "Good luck on that call today, you're going to crush it."


Making up an event that doesn't exist but seems important is a great way to freak your partner out. Unfortunately April Fools' Day is on a Sunday this year, so maybe change "today" to "tomorrow" to really freak your sweetie out. Sunday scaries!

5. "Someone broke into the house."


If you live with your partner, pretend like someone broke into your apartment or house. It's scary to imagine an intruder in your space, and your partner will probably want to rush home and figure out what's going on, so make sure you have an elaborate and kind surprise planned out for when they arrive. Easter ham? A fridge that is entirely filled with beer? Whatever.

6. "I can't believe you would tell a lie like that."


Vague and terrifying, just like all good-natured April Fools' pranks are. (This is a terrible day!) The fun part about this text is that if your partner really has been lying to you, you're probably going to find out. Or maybe that's the not-so-fun part. Either way, this last text encapsulates all of the unnecessary anxiety and weirdly mean vibes that I hate about April Fools' Day so do with these what you will — just try not to be too cruel.


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