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52 Study Group Chat Names That'll Score Big With Your Crew

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Studying is so much better with a buddy or two. You can not only share notes related to an upcoming exam, essay, or presentation, but also quiz with ease and tackle tough problems together. It's so easy to do in a group chat where you can send links to Google Docs or an incredibly detailed study guide. That's why you and your study buds need some fun group chat names for study groups that'll get you hyped up for exam day.

Consider your problem solved, because there are a ton of fun group chat names for study groups that your classmates will giggle at. It was a no-brainer that some of the names would be puns and play on the subject of your class, while others would be more generic and remind all of your group members to hit save on their study guides. You're bound to find one that you like that'll stand out among the other chats you have.

Start by gathering up your favorites and adding them to a note in your phone. Then, send the list to your classmates so everyone can vote on the name. Once you've picked one out, you can add emojis to it. If your group chat is on iMessage, GroupMe, or another messaging app, you may also be able to change the chat's pic. If your study group is studying art history, this pic can be a picture of an amazing painting by Monet, and be paired with the group name "Making Monet Proud." If you're in a science-related chat, then your pic can be a cute science meme, paired with a name like, "You're So Humerus."

Ultimately, crafting the details of your study group chat is a great way to get creative before hitting the books with your campus pals. Here are 52 group chat names for study groups to get started with.

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1. Study Buddies

2. Geology Rocks

3. To Sum It Up

4. You're So Humerus

5. Brainstormers

6. Smart Cookies

7. Coffee And Class Notes

8. Check The Syllabus

9. Raise Your Hand

10. *Checks Notes*

11. #StudyTok

12. You're So Write

13. Problem: Solved

14. Let's Get Political

15. See You In The Lab

16. Writing Her-story

17. Math Lovers Only

18. Don't Test Me

19. Paintbrush It Off

20. Our Virtual Library

21. You Live And Learn

22. Learn Something New

23. Not Your Average Study Group

24. Friends Who Study Together

25. Pals From Class

26. Presentation Pros

27. It's Elementary

28. Making Monet Proud

29. The Breakfast Club

30. Everyday, I'm Studying

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31. Try Your Best

32. Do Not Disturb

33. We're Gonna Ace It

34. Putting On My Smarty Pants

35. Passing Notes In Class

36. Another Discussion Post

37. Remember To Hit Save

38. Pass The Highlighter

39. Be There In A Flashcard

40. Write This Down

41. Sweatpants And Studying

42. Studying From Home

43. Study With Me

44. POV: We're Studying

45. The Studying Is Real

46. From Passion To Paycheck

47. It's Due At 11:59

48. Study Smarter, Not Harder

49. My Exam Fam

50. Life In The Pass Lane

51. Check The Google Doc

52. Get Your Study Group On