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70 Group Chat Names For High School Friends Who Are Totally Honor Roll

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There's something so special about your high school besties. You'll love them forever because they were there during some of the best and most formative years of your life. That's why it makes perfect sense that your group chat is still going strong, and it's also why you need group chat names for high school friends. This crew deserves so much more than a generic name, so make sure it's something clever, funny, or really specific to your friendship.

Even if life has taken you on a journey away from your hometown and you're long-distance now, you still keep in contact on the daily. When you're not sharing hilarious TikToks or relatable memes, you're reminiscing on your high school days. There's something quite comforting in having people to talk to when the nostalgia hits you hard. They're the ones you go to when you remember embarrassing stories, find a throwback pic with questionable style choices, and are reminded of big life moments like prom or graduation.

It's time to give this one-of-a-kind squad a proper name, and the best one for you might just might be among this list of 70 group chat names for high school friends. Go with something punny that'll make you crack up or something heartfelt to show how much these humans mean to you.

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1. The TBT Crew

2. My Gossip Girls

3. The Plastics

4. Schoolin' Life — Beyoncé, "Schoolin' Life"

5. Lettuce Reminisce

6. Ketchup With My High School Besties

7. High School Reunion

8. We've Got School Spirit [ghost emoji]

9. Encourage-Mint

10. We're Honor Roll

11. Gee, I'm A Tree [tree emoji]

12. You're Sodium Funny

13. Hometown Besties

14. We Ruler

15. Back To School

16. Just Sum Friends

17. Lunch Crew

18. The Nostalgia's Real

19. We're All In This Together — High School Musical

20. School's Out Forever — Alice Cooper, "School's Out"

21. Back To School Shopping Crew

22. Remember The Time...

23. The School Belles

24. Forever Young

25. The Romys To My Michelle

26. We Have To Go Back — Lost

27. Never Look Back Darling — The Incredibles

28. We've Got Class

29. Squadratic Equation

30. Quad Goals

31. A Class Act

32. We Snailed It

33. You Got Schooled

34. Cal-u-later Dudes

35. Totally Gradical

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36. Don't Be Tardy For The Party — Kim Zolciak, "Tardy for the Party"

37. In De-great Club

38. Looking Through the Yearbook

39. Picture Day Queens

40. The Best Part About HS

41. The Limit Does Not Exist — Mean Girls

42. You Can't Sit With Us — Mean Girls

43. Yellow, Is It Me You're Looking For [school bus emoji]

44. Show And Tell

45. My School Clique

46. My Prom Dates

47. School Dance Queens

48. Cafeteria Crew

49. We're Booked

50. Cerealsy The Best

51. Besties 4 Lyfe

52. The Breakfast Club

53. Noteworthy

54. Throwback Team

55. You Must Remember This — Casablanca

56. The Drama Club

57. Get'cha Head In The Game — High School Musical

58. Go Wildcats

59. Memory Makers

60. Study Buddies

61. The Cool Kids

62. Fast Times At [your school] High

63. Too Cool For School

64. Friends 5ever

65. We're All That

66. We're All Heathers

67. Back To The Past

66. 17 Again

67. My HS Ride Or Dies

68. Love You All A Latte

69. The PB To My J

70. Mint To Be Friends Forever

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