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75 Group Chat Names For Long-Distance Best Friends You Miss A Latte


Despite living thousands of miles away, you and your besties are always connected, thanks to your active group chat. Whenever you have a funny joke to tell or need a listening ear, they're right there, so it's time to show your convo all the love. A simple way to personalize your convo is with any of these group chat names for long-distance best friends. Instead of having to scroll through your latest texts to find your crew, you can simply search your group chat name when you want to send the squad a silly meme or spill some hot tea they need to hear as soon as possible.

You may be going to colleges across the country or have careers that have taken you to different cities. Whatever the case may be, a solid group chat is the easiest way to keep everyone connected. If you need some creative inspo when brainstorming what to call your convo, these 75 group chat names for long-distance best friends are just what you need.

Highlight the names that specifically fit your long-distance crew vibe, and then make things official. After you've dubbed your chat, get right back to recapping your days and catching up with FaceTime hangouts.


1. Never Apart Besties

2. Smiles For Miles

3. Distance Means Nothing To Us

4. Can't Keep Up Apart

5. Wish You Lived Next Door

6. A Flight Away

7. Hometown In Our Hearts

8. Home Is Where You Are

9. Long-Distance Crew

10. Soul Sisters

11. There's No Place Like Home — The Wizard of Oz

12. My People

13. The Squad Pod

14. My Chosen Sisters

15. We Are Family — Sister Sledge, "We Are Family"

16. See You Soon

17. Wish You Were Here

18. Tea Spilling Here

19. Taco 'Bout It

20. Gossip Girls

21. The 411

22. Keeping It Real

23. Love Knows No Distance

24. Virtual Huggers

25. My Hearts

26. Chosen Family

27. You'll Be In My Heart — Tarzan

28. A Pizza Home

29. No Matter Where

30. Wanderlust Crew

31. Passport Pals

32. See You Soon

33. Later Alligator

34. Miss Your Faces

35. Ketchup And Relish The Moments

37. Mermaid To Be Friends Forever

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38. Distance Is Our Enemy

39. Separated At Birth

40. Sisterhood Of The Traveling Chats

41. Friendship Goes Onion On

42. Hap-Bey Together

43. Can't Stop Talking

44. Love Like No Otter

45. Missing You

46. Hot Tea Found Here

47. Miss A Waffle Lot

48. The Ketchup Crew

49. Friend-chip Goals

50. Think Of You Every Daisy

51. Missing You Long Time

52. Miss You Cherry-bly

53. My Favorite Notifications

54. Grapeful For You

55. Hummiss You

56. Whaley Love You

57. Miss You A Latte

58. Virtual Brunch Crew

59. Mochi Love

60. My Travel Buddies

61. Soy Mates

62. The Best Friends Vault

63. Whole Latte Love

64. Udon Even Know

65. Watts Up

66. I'm A Succa For Y'all

67. My Support Bras

68. Miss 'Em A Chocolot

69. Cherry-ish You

70. All That And Dim Sum

71. Love You A Tater Tot

72. You Can't Chat With Us

73. My Main Squeezes

74. Miss You Beary Much [bear emoji]

75. It's A Bunch Of Bananas