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80 Group Chat Names For Sorority Sisters That Totally Say, "Phi Love You"

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The bond you share with your sorority sisters is a bond for life. You may not be sisters by blood, but you love each other like family, which is why you have a group chat that's constantly making your phone buzz. You immediately text your sisters when you have something funny to share, need to dish some hot gossip, or simply need unfiltered outfit advice. That's why these group chat names for sorority sisters will come in handy for your crew.

Your sister squad chat deserves something with more spunk and personality than "Sorority Sisters." That's where these 80 group chat names for sorority sisters comes in to play and slay. Upgrade your current group with a Greek life pun that will make you all laugh out loud, or something sweet that's a daily reminder of how much you care about each other.

Out of everything you get to take away from your college experience, your sisters are likely your nearest and dearest. After all, they're your sisters for life, and not just for the four years you're a student. So, make sure you have a chat that will last you for years to come.

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1. Rhino We'll Be Sisters Forever

2. Turtley Awesome Sisters

3. Pizza My Theta Phi

4. The Golden Girls

5. Sisters For Life

6. Sister Act

7. Tea Time With The Sisters

8. Sister Time

9. It's All Greek To Me

10. My Non-Biological Sisters

11. The Alphas

12. Theta Phi Love You

13. Omega Fan Of You

14. Sister Squad

15. Hey Soul Sister — Train, "Hey, Soul Sister"

16. Chi Love My Sisters

17. Bunch Of Cu-Teas

18. On Wednesdays We Wear Pink — Mean Girls

19. Sisterhood Of The Traveling Texts

20. Pizza My Pi

21. Messy Bun-Lovers

22. Campus Cuties

23. My Quad Squad

24. Gamma More

25. Nu Sisters

26. Zeta Late Than Never

27. Nacho Average Sisters

28. What A Rush

29. Sister, Sister — Sister, Sister

30. Think Pink

31. My Future Bridesmaids

32. Love A Waffle Lot

33. My Housemates

34. Sorority Life

35. We Only Fly Delta

36. Cannot Espresso How Much You Bean To Me

37. The Chamber Of Secrets

38. One In A Melon

39. Orange You Glad To Be My Sisters

40. The Kappas

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41. Love A Latte

42. Phi Love Mu Girls

43. Sister Meeting

44. Let's Rush

45. Charlie's Angels

46. Sisterly Love

47. Kappa x3

48. Kappa Alpha Sprouts

49. Some Fineapples

50. Closet Sharers

51. Our House

52. The Sorority Tea

53. Sorority Rules

54. World's Best Sisters

55. Shrimply The Best Sisters

56. The Kiwi To My Heart

57. The Mixer Queens

58. We're All Booked Up

59. Let's Taco 'Bout This Chapter

60. C-rushing It

61. Sodium Funny Sisters

62. Big Little Pies

63. We've Got School Spirit [ghost emoji]

64. The Best Chapter

65. We Are PHIne

66. Espresso Your Letters

67. Always Alphas

68. Queen Bee Sorority

69. Sister Bonding Time

70. Beta-ful Sisters

71. Sisterly Advice

72. Mermaid To Be Sisters

73. The Heathers Of Campus

74. My Flock

75. Big Girls Do Phi

76. Life Of Pi

77. The Keys to My Heart

78. Full House

79. Best House On Campus

80. The Real House Sisters Of [insert college name]