You're Not Alone If You Really Love Doing These 5 Things Alone

In this decade of my life, I've discovered one thing to be true: There's a huge difference between being alone and being lonely. You can be sitting at a counter in a coffee shop, with no one and nothing other than a cappuccino and a good book, and be totally content. You can spend an entire Saturday morning hanging out in bed with your phone notifications turned off, and be at peace. It's fun and peaceful doing certain things alone — things that you might not have ever realized you would enjoy doing solo. Now, you may have some things you like doing alone, too. Like me, you secretly love having time to yourself and making space in your schedule for these few things. Let's talk about that, shall we?

To some of your best friends, doing these things alone may seem intimidating or far-fetched. They can't imagine going solo to a restaurant and ordering a couple of rolls of sushi without a member of the crew by their side. They need someone to be around when they go grocery shopping on weeknights, and are watching their favorite television shows. (That can be understandable. You need someone to compare Game of Thrones theories with!)

But, you have a different outlook on being alone. You find it to be rejuvenating and much-needed sometimes. It allows you to refocus your energy and thoughts on yourself. And doing these five things just wouldn't be the same if you were with someone else.

Getting Ready In The Morning
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First things first: You love having your mornings to yourself. Whether it's the weekend or a weekday, you just can't get enough of slowly sipping your coffee and not talking to anyone before 9 a.m.

The night before, you set your alarm, giving yourself a little extra time to hit snooze. You snuggle up with your pillow and blankets, and find peace in knowing that you won't be bothered for the next few hours.

When the time comes for the alarm to go off, you roll out of bed and maybe make yourself a big breakfast. You whip up a plate of bacon and eggs or opt for some avocado toast, and quietly scroll through social media while you eat. It's the most serene way to start the day, huh?

Eating At A Local Restaurant Or Café
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Over the years, you've also gotten really comfortable with eating alone at a restaurant or local café. You have your favorite spots where the seasonal menus are always perfectly curated, and there are quaint booths for one. You slide into one and order the best dish you can find, along with a fresh lemonade.

Some of your best friends would find this whole experience to be, well, the worst. But, you enjoy being able to focus on your food and all the beautiful ingredients that goes into it. You like people-watching and putting down your social life for a few minutes. Not to mention, you've gained a lot of confidence just by asking the waiter some questions or speaking up when you don't get exactly what you ordered. And there was no drama whatsoever trying to choose a place and time with someone else.

Picking Up Groceries At The Store

Shopping comes in many different forms. There are the mall trips with your best friends, where you grab the latest oversized sweaters and trendy dresses at your favorite stores. There are also the days you spend outlet shopping, hitting up the latest deals and steals. But, for you, picking up your groceries every week is the kind of shopping trip that you absolutely love — and enjoy doing alone.

You walk into the store after work one night, or on a busy Sunday morning and grab a cart. You have a list on your phone that you follow, full of items like eggs, apples, and of course, peanut butter. You splurge on a few items that you've been wanting to try or that are rarely on sale. It's kind of a sweet tradition to have with yourself, and one that you'll always enjoy.

Going To The Gym Or Working Out
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Working out is one of those things that can be better with a buddy. It can be motivating to have a best friend by your side, encouraging you through that last ab workout or mile on the treadmill. But, it can also be really rewarding to do fitness by yourself — to go to the gym or do a mindful yoga rotation when solo. Here's why.

It's always refreshing to find energy within yourself — to recharge your own battery and rid yourself of distractions. Most of the time, you're probably running off of coffee or social experiences, and that's normal and good. Working out alone, though, gives you a chance to center yourself and reach personal victories without any extra help.

Treating Yourself To A Lazy Day
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Last but not least, one of your favorite things to do alone is having a lazy day. It's normally something that you do on the weekends, when your friends are away and you have nothing to do. You make yourself a bubble bath, grab a good book, and turn on Netflix in the background. Real world, who?

This is one of those experiences that truly wouldn't be the same if you had it with someone else. Sure, you'd probably hit up more facials or manicures. But, you wouldn't be able to dive into those episodes of Insecure or Broad City, completely uninterrupted.

You wouldn't be able to snuggle up in your blankets with a snack and do absolutely nothing. That's #necessary sometimes, you know? And one of the many things that makes you secretly love having time alone.