7 Things To Do This Spring When Your Friends Are Coupled Up & You're Spending Time With Yourself

From where I'm sitting, there's still snow on the ground. People are walking outside bundled up in sweaters, blanket scarves, and heavy jackets. It's clearly winter, but spring is in the air. Stores are pulling out fresh flowers and putting away seasonal decorations. Sunshine and longer days are almost here, people! Are you ready? Well, kind of. You're excited, but all of your friends are coupled up and you're wondering if there are things to do alone this spring — ways to celebrate the new season and make the most of it solo. I'm here to tell you this: There are tons. The season is just getting started.

Ditch the stigma in your head that doing something alone is boring or lonely, because it's keeping you from having some of the best experiences. It's holding you back from trying out that new sushi place down the street or seeing that romantic comedy that's in theaters. It's also keeping you from turning that frown upside down.

Being alone doesn't translate to being lonely. Realize that you have so many beautiful people in your life, and that sometimes, not being physically surrounded by them is OK. Spring is almost in bloom, and you can celebrate that all by yourself. Simply start with these seven things, and fully enjoy being solo.

Check Out A Botanical Garden
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Picture this: The gardens outside your apartment complex start to bud and show off vibrant shades of purple and blue. The snow from the latest winter storm is melting and being replaced by cherry blossoms, leafy trees, and lots of sunshine. It's only right that you enjoy it.

So, check out a botanical garden in your hometown or city, and surround yourself with everything that blooms. Take beautiful selfies with succulents in the background, and maybe purchase a plant or two to bring home. There's nothing like fresh flowers to put a smile on your face.

Go Bike Riding On A Local Trail
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Getting outside in the spring is a great way to relax, recharge, and feel inspired. Even spending just an hour breathing in the fresh air, soaking up sunshine, and appreciating the natural world can change your perspective. So, this spring, hop on a bike and explore a local trail.

Put some snacks and a water bottle in the basket on the handlebars, and ride through parks. Plan a route that takes you to a cute café or deli where you can stop for a sandwich. Truth is, when you're all of your friends are coupled up, this is a great experience to have solo.

Have A Picture-Perfect Picnic In A Park
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One of the most Instagram-worthy things you can do by yourself this spring is have a picnic in a park. Lay out a sheet or blanket, and read a book while eating fresh doughnuts or fruit that you brought. Then, take a few snaps of your feet with your entire spread. It's a picture-perfect experience, am I right?

If you don't feel like packing a bag with a bunch of your own food, take yourself out to a restaurant with a beautiful patio. Simply grab a table outside, and soak up the sunshine and seasonal additions to the menu. (Fresh spinach and artichoke dip? Yes, please!)

Rent An Airstream For A Night
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Spending a night or two elsewhere is also #necessary for having the best spring yet. And where your besties may be renting cute cabins with their significant others, you can enjoy having an airstream all to yourself. (It's truly a one-of-a-kind experience, and something that should be on your bucket list. Hear me out, OK?)

You can rent an aistream in Joshua Tree National Park or near your local beach, and channel your inner travel influencer. You can wake up, make warm coffee, and watch the sun rise. Then, spend your day hiking or exploring the area. When you get home, everybody will be so excited to hear about your adventures.

Go Thrift Shopping For A Day
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Spring is often associated with one thing: cleaning. You sort through your closets and drawers, and donate the items you don't wear anymore. You dust off shelves, and make room for so much new. Take some time to fill those spaces, too, OK?

Spend a day thrift shopping and going through racks at local stores. Find vintage band tees or oversized sweaters that fit right into your style. It'll feel so rewarding to come home with bags of new items that you can show off at dinner dates or on the 'Gram. And let's be honest: Your relationship with shopping is always one that's going strong.

Reorganize Your Living Space
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Next to going through your closet and filling it with new clothes and vintage finds, you'll want to reorganize your space this spring. You'll want to move your bed to a spot near the window, flip your mattress, and rearrange the plates in your cabinets, too. That way, you have a strong relationship with where you live and spend most of your time.

Personally, I think changing up your living space is something you shouldn't just do in the spring. I think it's important to hit the virtual "refresh" button a few times a year, and surround yourself with fresh inspiration and points of view.

Visit Your Long-Distance Besties

Last but not least, when your friends are all coupled up, you can — and should — take some time to visit your long-distance besties. These are your favorite people from college who live on a different coast or in a different city. These are the girls who have been in your life since day one, and know all of your most hilarious stories. It's the season to catch up with them!

You just have to hop on a plane or take a drive to where they live. Pack a suitcase with a Polaroid camera and a few of your favorite outfits, and spend a long weekend laughing over memories, new and old. It will remind you that there are so many things to appreciate in your life, and so much beauty that's coming your way this spring.