7 Joshua Tree Airbnbs For A Cozy Weekend In The Desert With Your Day Ones

Girls just want to get away from the hustle and have some fun in the sun. You daydream about hopping on a plane and turning off your phone for an entire weekend. You'd "accidentally" forget your charger, and swap out your favorite social media apps for starry nights by the campfire. Getting off the grid can be much easier said than done, but the serenity on the other side would be so worth it. Renting one of these Joshua Tree Airbnbs with your day ones would make for a cute and cozy retreat. Are you down to spend a few days in the desert?

Picture this: You'll wake up in the morning in an aesthetically-pleasing place. The warm sun will beat through the windows and shine natural light onto your enormous white comforter. In the other room, your bestie will be brewing some coffee, and the aromas will fill the airstream. Just outside, the mountains and cacti will stretch to the horizon line. In the afternoon you'll probably explore and have a photo shoot in the sand. Yes, please!

By the end of the weekend, you'll feel relaxed and recharged. The desert proves to be the perfect spot for a girls' trip. These seven Airbnbs, and that warm weather, will be waiting for you.

This House In The Desert That's For Dreamers

Daydreamers and adventurers will find home in this house in the desert. With swings that hang from the ceiling in the living room and cozy spaces to sit in every corner, what more could you ask for?

During the day, you can explore the downtown area and do some shopping. Maybe you'll find a cute succulent to take home, to commemorate such a relaxing getaway with the girls. This location is fairly close to the highway, so you may hear a little bit of noise. But, it won't take away from the peace of gazing at the planets in the night sky. Take it from their Instagram account, that it's truly a dreamy place to stay.

This Airstream That's Amongst The Mountains

Spending a night in an airstream might be on your bucket list. But, you may not have expected your stay to be so magical. This Airbnb, based just outside of the Joshua Tree National Park entrance, has incredible views of the mountains and surrounding valleys. With outdoor seating and plenty of places to roam, you'll always feel like you have enough space.

The neighborhood is very quiet, and there's a cactus garden in the backyard. Be sure to keep your eye out for any roadrunners, or other wildlife that may be passing through!

This Space That's Ideal For A Photo Shoot

Pack up your bags and grab your two best friends. This house sleeps three guests and has such a big and airy space. When you walk in, you'll notice that there are three separate rooms. The pops of color make it feel modern, and the porch is covered in string lights. It's truly the perfect place for a photo shoot, if you're looking to get some new #content for the 'Gram.

Possibly the best part of staying in the desert for a weekend is the endless natural light. You don't have to worry about creating your own "golden glow," or working with the latest trends for social media. Your photos can have no filter and will still be beautiful on your feed.

This Pink House That's Truly A Desert Oasis

Live life at a slower pace and spend a few nights at this Airbnb that's like an oasis. Your days in the desert are likely going to be hot. When you wake up in the morning, you may choose to snuggle up in bed with a cold brew just to beat the heat. You and your girls will explore around the desert, and hike all the local trails. Coming home to this sweet space will be so ideal.

You'll drive down a dirt road and instantly be able to spot this millennial pink place right near the boulders. Does anyone want to hang in the hot tub for a bit? The answer to that question seems pretty simple to me.

This Airstream That's A Sweet Escape

Seriously, staying in an airstream is possibly one of the best ways to experience the desert. You may not have as much space on the inside, but that won't keep you from getting away from reality for a bit.

Let's be honest: The usual hustle and bustle of life has been dragging you down a bit. Some days, you wish you could teleport to another planet where planners don't exist. Glamping may not be at the top of your bucket list, but it'll definitely do the trick. This place includes access to a clubhouse, so you'll be able to interact with some new people, too. Want a closer look at what you're renting for the weekend? Check out their Instagram account for some sneak peeks.

This House That's Minimalistic AF

Not every trip needs to be full of excursions. You don't need to go skydiving or pose in front of famous landmarks. That's not so serene, and right now, you'd rather stick to the simple things in life.

This house in Joshua Tree is all about being a minimalist. From the books on the coffee table, to the plants that are mindfully placed around the rooms — it's paradise for the girls who are in desperate need of a getaway. Right outside your door are epic views of the mountains, and even the Milky Way. If there's room in your suitcase, you might want to pack a pair of binoculars, or even a camera, too.

This House That's All About Getting Off The Grid

This house is all about its architecture and getting off the grid. There's a bed that looks out onto the sun and sand, and every room has windows that stretch from the roof to the floor. You will truly be free from distractions, and transported away from the rest of the world.

You won't have access to a television, or even Internet connection, during your few days in the desert. So, plan on posting all of your pictures when you get back to reality. Upon request, you can have fresh juice delivered to your door every day. (Give me a slice of this kind of serenity, please!)