8 Ways To Not Feel Alone When Everyone's Away For The Weekend & You Have Nothing To Do

When it comes to the weekend, you know everything there is to know. You're well-aware that sleeping in is socially acceptable, and that Saturday nights require ordering multiple boxes of pizza. You know that Sunday mornings are supposed to be slow and smell like coffee, and that the afternoons are for adventuring with your best friends. But, you're still learning one thing: How to not feel alone when everyone's away for the weekend and you have nothing to do. Is that even possible? Girl, you might be surprised.

I remember the first weekend I had to myself. I felt completely lost and bored. I kept pacing around my kitchen and opening my phone to my group chats, hoping that someone had sent a meme. (Spoiler alert: There were no memes or GIFs in sight. I'm pretty sure my best friends didn't even have service.) Everyone was off with their families on vacations, working, studying, or hanging out with their other friends. It truly was just me, myself, and I.

So naturally, I began scrolling through the Internet, trying to find something to do. I didn't want to feel so alone, or spend my entire weekend watching movies and complaining about "what could've been." I wanted to make some memories and have stories to tell on Monday. I ended up learning in that time, that these eight things can make you feel not so alone when everyone's away. It's your turn, OK?

Go Outside And Appreciate Your Area
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First things first: When you're bored and feeling alone on the weekend, it's #necessary to get outside and appreciate your area. It's a must to go to all the hiking trails, coffee shops, and cute parks down the block — to look up from your phone screen and really take notice of what's around you.

Truth is, right now, you may think that there's nothing to do in your city or town. You claim, "I've done it all!" Have you, though? Odds are, there are hidden cafés you haven't stumbled upon, shops you haven't walked into, and avenues you haven't explored. So, play tourist for a day and fall in love with the little things that make this place home.

Call Your Long-Distance Best Friends
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One of the best things to do when you're feeling alone and bored is to reach out to the people you love. Let's be honest: You may not see or talk to your long-distance best friends or the family members who live in another state nearly as much as you would like to. Consider this weekend an opportunity!

Send a text message in your college group chat, or call your aunt who lives on the West Coast. Ask about how their lives are going, and catch up on the laughs and moments that you currently miss. It's the sweetest way to spend your Saturday and Sunday.

Treat Yourself To Some Shopping
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A little shopping trip is always a good idea. Especially when the seasons are changing and you're tossing out pieces in your closet that you never wear, it's refreshing to swipe your credit card a few times.

This weekend, find the cozy sweaters and stylish leather jackets you saw online, and try them on in real life. Let yourself splurge on the items that you can wear over and over again, and be mindful of the ones that are simply an impulse. Then, treat yourself to a frozen yogurt or slice of pizza before heading back home.

Plan A Vacation That You Want To Take

During the week when you're at work, you may be always talking about planning a trip or vacation. You tell your co-workers about the beauty of Bali and show them pictures of dreamy resorts in the Caribbean. You think to yourself, "One day, I'll get around to booking a room and hopping on a plane!"

Now, I'm not necessarily saying that you should catch a flight. But, I am suggesting that you ditch that phrase "one day" and make some plans. Look into excursions and room rates, and find a travel buddy who'd love to have this adventure with you. It'll surely make you feel less bored.

Find A Recipe And Cook Yourself A Meal
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Cooking might not be everyone's forté. But, there's a lot of value in being able to prepare a decent meal for yourself — especially once you're an adult and living on your own. It's nice to be able to come home from work and whip up the best bowl of penne a la vodka or a healthy snack. (Personally, I love putting together dishes with chicken and veggies.)

Let's just be honest: At some point, you'll be so over relying on restaurants for take-out and ordering food. You'll want to save pizzas for Friday nights and nachos for Saturdays when you're watching the game. So, use this weekend to get in the kitchen and expand your recipe book.

Start A Book That Was Recommended To You

Reading for pleasure can be really rewarding. It can take your mind off of the "real world" for a bit and help you relax right before bed, or during a lazy afternoon. It's also perfect for when you're bored.

You can dive head-first into characters and plot lines that are exciting or romantic. You can lose yourself in murder mysteries, epic tales of feminism, or humor brought to you by your favorite comedians.

Odds are, one of your friends or family members have recommended at least a few reads that would love. Take this weekend to start one, while snuggling up with your pup in bed.

Participate In A Fitness Class
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There's a lot to be said for getting active on the weekends. Sure, you may be totally drained from a busy week and a busy life. Sleeping in and watching movies all day may sound much better. (Girl, I hear you.) But, if you're feeling particularly bored and all of your friends aren't around, then going to yoga or trying Pilates for the first time is well-worth it.

It's worth putting on your sports bra and cozy leggings, grabbing a reusable water bottle, and going to the gym. There may be spin classes going on, or you may decide to check out a local spot that's dedicated to barre. Either way, it'll make you feel like you had the most productive Saturday or Sunday.

Catch Up On Your Rest And Relaxation
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Last but not least, use this weekend to catch up on rest and relaxation. For once, your schedule isn't jam-packed with coffee dates and adventures, because everyone's away. Make the most of it, and do, well, nothing.

When was the last time you did nothing? You probably can't even think of a single afternoon that you had to yourself — where you weren't racing against the clock. Now, you have two full days for bubble baths and catching up on your shows on Netflix. It's a dream come true. Who knew you could feel so #blessed for being bored and having nothing to do?