A group of young women take a selfie while doing facials at home during spring break.
5 Fun Spring Break Activities To Do At Home With Your Roomies

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This spring break, you're swapping bathing suits for tie-dye sweatsuits and hunkering down at home with your roommates. You're starting to make up an itinerary, and you want it to include more than just movie nights and pizza. There’s plenty of fun to be had, and you need some unique spring break activities to do at home with your roommates.

You don't expect every second to feel like a tropical vacay, but you do know it's possible to have an exhilarating time right at home — especially if you draw inspo from these fun things to do at home for spring break with your roommates. Just because you’re adhering to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) safety guidelines, that doesn’t mean you can’t make some new memories. The guidelines state that travel should be postponed in order to protect yourself and others from contracting and/or spreading the coronavirus. From exploring a new yoga flow to learning how to roller skate, your Instagram feed will reflect the awesome time you had this break without having to hop on an airplane.

As much as you love a good trip, spending quality time with your roommates at home can be a blast. Plus, spring break at home means you get to hang in your favorite sweatsuit and do these five fun things with your pals.

Have A TikTok-Themed Dinner Party
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If you and your roommates show each other TikTok food hacks on the regular, you should have a TikTok-themed dinner party during spring break. Start by having each roommate pick a specific recipe, hack, or tasty food trend from TikTok to prepare, like the baked feta pasta or a pizza baguette. Then, decide when you'll cook your dishes for one another and taste-test them.

You can set a dress code for the dinner party, and decorate the table with streamers and other sparkly decor. Make it feel like you're at a big event. TikTok-inspired food will be the star of your night and may even make an appearance at a weekly roommate dinner later on.

Do A Daily Yoga Practice

Spring break is a time to welcome more chill routines into your life, like bubble baths or a daily yoga practice. During each day of the week, you and your roommates can pick a yoga video to follow along with on YouTube, or even attend a virtual fitness class that gets you into a good flow. You can even order some new fitness apparel to really make it feel like you're on vacation.

Learn How To Roller Skate

Have you seen those epic roller skating videos on TikTok? If so, you may feel a little inspired to learn how to roller skate during your spring break, along with your roommates. First, you'll need to shop for colorful skates that match your unique personalities. Then, head out to your driveway or building parking lot to practice. Hold hands for balance if need be, and see how quickly you can conquer the tricks on TikTok, too. Once you feel steady, snap some pics.

Play Your Go-To Video Games

On cloudy, spring break days, it's totally OK to stay inside and play video games with your roommates. The experience can be both relaxing and thrilling, especially if you challenge your pals to a battle in Mario Kart Deluxe 8. Just grab your controllers or Nintendo Switch Lite consoles, as well as your favorite snacks, and then have each roommate take a turn picking a game that the whole group can play together.

Have A Paint Party
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Crafty roommates may want to spend their spring break with a bunch of blank canvases and paints. If that's your crew, add the necessary supplies to your cart online ASAP, so you can spend a day painting some cool artwork. If you need a little bit of inspiration, tune into some of Bob Ross's videos on YouTube. When you're done, rate your group's final products.