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10 Roller Skating Videos On TikTok That'll Make You Want To Get A Pair

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If you're looking to get into a new hobby this summer, open your TikTok app and start scrolling. This app is filled with activities you can try, from tie-dying to electrifying dances you can learn that'll ultimately make you feel ready for the stage. When you're swiping and watching the greatest trends to be a part of, you'll likely find roller skating videos on TikTok as well that'll make you want to get a pair yourself.

Seeing users coast around their neighborhoods and do fancy tricks in a driveway may make you think, "I wonder if I could do that." You may put on "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac, while online shopping for skates with a set of hot pink wheels or a retro design on the side. You may even start thinking of photo shoot or video ideas you can recreate once your new skates come in and you become a #pro.

These videos on TikTok of people skating and sharing their best tips — like making the most of your toe stop — just have that effect. They're so easy to get lost in and will likely inspire you to get in on the active and sporty trend. What are you waiting for? These videos, good vibes, and a new hobby await.

This Video Is The Most Peaceful Thing To Watch

First up is this video that's so peaceful and mesmerizing. The user, with Fleetwood Mac cued up in the background, swerves down a palm tree-lined road. Little flares of gold come into the screen here and there, and by the end, you'll feel like you went to cloud nine.

This Video Gets Creative With Chalk

Once you get a good roll going, take a few notes from this user who paints a driveway and street with colorful chalk while skating. This TikToker gracefully drags the chalk rainbow and makes the whole experience feel more bright and summery.

This Video Has Some Mesmerizing Tricks

Roller skating can be like gymnastics or ice skating at its peak: filled with a ton of mesmerizing tricks. This user on TikTok shows off major skills while treating you to epic views. You'll want to watch the video more than once to master the footwork for yourself.

This Video Teaches You How To Spice Up Your Skates

So, you ordered a pair of roller skates after watching those first few videos. They're plain white and you want to spice them up a bit. Look no further than this video where a TikTok user puts sunflowers on the skates and dyes the laces. It's like a dreamy, retro, and inspiring art project.

This Video Is Filled With Smooth Moves

If you roller skate every day this summer, you may end up being like this TikTok user who has some smooth moves. In the video you can see this TikToker cruising along the beach — going backwards, I should add — making the sport look effortless. Spoiler alert: It takes some practice.

This Video Is For BFFs Who Want To Skate Together

Best friends who roller skate together, stay together, right? If you watch this video on TikTok, you'll be convinced of it. Three friends rock their flare pants and crop tops, and do a spin right on the beat. It'll hype you and your friend group up.

This Video Makes The Most Of The Skate Park

Take your roller skates to the local skate park after watching this video on TikTok. The user jumps out of the bowls with tons of flair and momentum. The poses this TikToker does in the air are seriously worth noting.

This Video Is Perfect For Roller Skating Novices

New to the roller skating game? Same. But, that's why users on TikTok, like this one, have made some tutorial videos. This one, in particular, shows you how to use your toe stop and navigate curbs. That way you might not fall as much when you're first on the road.

This Video Will Keep Your Spirits High

Roller skating isn't quite as easy as it looks. But TikTok videos like this one will certainly keep your spirits high while you're learning how to swerve and getting a hang of fancy tricks. It'll show you that eventually you're going to be posing for the camera and living your best life on skates.

This Video Is A Celebration Of Roller Skating

Roller skating can feel like a true celebration. This video on TikTok captures those good vibes, as the user cruises around a rink. Other videos on this TikToker's profile teach you how to do tricks and skate backwards, so check them out and then make the most of your own pair.

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