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These Pizza Baguette TikToks Put A Mouthwatering Twist On A Classic Pie

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Step aside, traditional pies, because a new way to enjoy pizza has come to town. People have been posting pizza baguette TikToks, and they are exactly what you'd think they would be — pizza toppings on fresh baguettes. This delicious spin on your typical cheese pie just may be your new favorite lunchtime snack or easy dinner recipe.

If you love pizza, you'll surely love a pizza baguette. The main ingredient you'll need in order to make yourself a pizza baguette is the baguette itself. Since everyone has their own favorite toppings, the rest is entirely up to your taste and imagination. Make a traditional pizza baguette with simply cheese and classic tomato sauce. Or, make a white pizza with cheese and spinach. You can start by nailing down a basic recipe, then have fun deciding on all of your toppings. Whether you add pepperoni, broccoli, green peppers, olives, or even truffle cheese, your tastebuds are sure to thank you.

For a little pizza inspiration, check out these eight pizza baguette TikTok recipes. They'll give you a good idea of what combinations work well, while also providing you with the instructions you'll need to make a pizza baguette at home in no time.

This Pepperoni Pizza Baguette Is Great For Sharing

One way to make your pizza baguette is the shareable way. Slice little sections along your baguette, and in each one of those slices, add your sauce and pepperoni. Sprinkle cheese along the top of the baguette, and pop it in the oven to bake. Once it's nicely toasted, you can take it out. According to this TikTok, you'll end up with a pizza baguette that's easy to break off into pieces for you and your roomies to enjoy together.

This Chicken Pizza Baguette Is A Full Dinner

If you prefer chicken over pepperoni, try this chicken pizza baguette. Top off your baguette slice with chicken, onions, and red peppers, along with your sauce and cheese. You could even make it a chicken BBQ pizza by adding a little barbecue drizzle.

This Pushed-Down Pizza Baguette Is A Canoe With Toppings

While a pizza baguette is your final product, there are many methods to making it. One way is to slice your baguette and push down the bread on the inside. This will allow you to fill up your pizza baguette with more toppings, and use your baguette as more of a canoe rather than a bed for them.

This Corn And Mushroom Pizza Baguette Is Quite The Combo

You can really put whatever you want on your pizza baguette, and this TikToker perfectly shows that. This corn, mushroom, and red pepper pizza baguette has it all, and you'll want to try it out for yourself.

This Adorable Pizza Baguette Is A Perfect Lunch Treat

Sometimes, a whole baguette is too much when you just need a quick lunch. If that's the case, follow this TikTok tutorial for how to make a small pizza baguette with diced onions, mozzarella, garlic, sauce, basil, and chili peppers for lunch.

This Pizza Baguette Makes A Yummy Side For Soup Or Salad

Instead of enjoying your pasta dinner with a breadstick or two, have a pizza baguette on the side. This TikToker shows step-by-step instructions on how to make a simple pepperoni pizza baguette to enjoy with a bowl of pasta al limone.

This Leftover Bolognese Sauce Pizza Baguette Is Drool-Worthy

If you make bolognese pasta for dinner and have leftover sauce, no worries. Use it to make pizza baguettes to enjoy for lunch the next day. This TikToker shows their recipe for using that leftover sauce to make a brand new delicious dish.

These Pizza Baguette Cups Are Just Too Cute

Once you've nailed down a regular pizza baguette, try making pizza baguette cups. All you need to do is slice your baguette and push down holes in the center to make your cups. Fill each baguette cup with sauce, cheese, and your choice of toppings. After baking, you'll have the most delicious baguette cups to enjoy.

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