5 Photos To Text Your Significant Other On Valentine's Day That'll Give Them Heart Eyes

Whether you're in a long-distance relationship or simply split up for the work day, sending pictures to bae when you're apart is the perfect way to build anticipation. So, stocking up on some photos to text your significant other on Valentine's Day wouldn't hurt — especially if you want this year's lovestruck holiday to be one for the books. Regardless of whether your V-Day plans include a hot air balloon ride or Netflix and chilling with a bottle of wine, this year deserves to be special.

There truly is an art to sending your partner pictures when you're away. You have to be strategic with the timing, because sending a tantalizing pic at the right moment can do wonders. If you know that they'll have down time at school or at work (cough, cough: any moment when they'll be bored and scrolling on their phone), then Operation Send a Pic is a-go! Just be sure to send it with Invisible Ink if the two of you have iPhones and the photo is super scintillating.

Here are five ideas for Valentine's Day photos that will give your partner major heart eyes before the big date.

Hints about where your date will be
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If you're going spending Valentine's Day at the movies, send them a still from the film or a cryptic shot of the theater. Slide them a view of the park where all the magic is about to happen on your surprise picnic date. Dropping little hints about where you're going that night will up the ante on Valentine's Day.

A sweet selfie
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A "thinking of you"-type pic will pour extra sugar on your partner's day. When you've spent time apart in classes or meetings, a wholesome selfie reminds them that no, this day won't be full of monotony and yes, tonight is going to be a great time.

A sizzling thirst trap
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But define great time, right? And that's where a pic of you in one of your sexiest get-ups comes in. Sending a picture from a moment when your partner was feeling you is a foolproof way to turn up the heat. That being said, sexy looks different for everyone. Is an elaborate lace bralette and garters the way to go? Or will a cute-ass sports bra and some Fashion Nova Men gym shorts do the trick for your partner? To each their own!

A photo of what you want to do them
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A classic case of "this could be us, but you're playing" also works as a turn-on. If sexy gifs on Tumblr are out of the question, there are loads of sex-positive Instagram accounts that have plenty of bedroom inspiration at your disposal.

The food they're going to annihilate
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But of course, this is the real turn-on: The utterly delicious food that is waiting to be devoured on Valentine's Day evening. No matter your tastes, it's undeniable that food is the best Valentine's Day gift for your partner. That verdict is in! Sending them a snap of the pasta you're making (or mouth-watering IG post from the restaurant you'll be cozying up at), will get your partner racing back home in no time.

So, open up that camera on your phone and start scheming. Snap a few pics here and there to tease your partner and ensure this Valentine's Day is one to remember.